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Nicole De Leon is a California native who has been surfing the local coastline and traveling around the world for the past 22 years. She is a mom of an infant and a stepmom to two teenage boys, coach, teacher and yoga instructor. Nicole is also a former art teacher and and is completely smitten with working with people and hearing their stories.

Nicole began the Soul Mammas Podcast and coaching when she realized how isolated and disconnected moms can feel when playing the role of caretaker to everyone in their lives. She believes even when we are feeling lost that we can make steps to move towards a life of alignment. She has faced challenges in her own life which include dealing with chronic anxiety that started in grade school. When her anxiety got so bad that it was causing important facets of her life to disintegrate, she enlisted the help of a life coach and was able to make big and significant internal changes.

As a mom herself, she knows first hand how the high levels of stress that arise as a parent can cloud a person’s vision and joy. The steps she offers in her Illuminated Coaching Program are steps that she implements daily in her own life. Her livelihood and that of her clients have improved two fold while utilizing these methods. Nicole encourages everyone to simply “start where they are” with compassion and openness, even if they are feeling lost or bogged down. There is no better day than today to start looking inward to change the trajectory of one’s life.

She realized how passionate she was to share the strategies she learned with other mommies, particularly now that she could taste how exhausting motherhood could be and how tough it is for moms to find time for themselves. Nicole believes that living a passionate and aligned life is the most important thing we can do as moms and that stifling our own joy is not good for our family or kids. This is why she began the Soul Mammas community.

Nicole has been a teacher most of her life.  Beginning in her teens, she began teaching people of all ages and backgrounds to surf in my hometown and then in Manly, Australia. In her 20s, she taught surfing and yoga at the Surf with Amigas Surf & Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua. She is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor who has always had a natural affinity for helping get others inspired and fired up. She infuses compassion, play and laughter into her podcast, coaching, yoga classes and daily life.

Nicole obtained a Masters of Education from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2017 and taught art for ten years. She currently resides in sunny Southern California, where she coaches mommies to find their true joy and encourages them to support each other to connect with their own soul. She truly believes and abides by the belief that we can start today, in this moment,  to incite change and re-ignite passion into our own lives.



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