Soul Mammas Podcast Episode #5: From lifelong surfer to full time mamma to self-taught filmmaker.


Episode Description: In this episode I speak with Heather Hudson, self proclaimed “obsessed” surfer for the past 40 years and soul mamma of two grown boys. Heather, creator, director and producer of The Women and the Waves One and The Women and the Waves Two, started surfing when women in the line-up were much more of a rarity.

This long-haired, passionate lover of life went from being fiercely independent to a staying home with her kids full time in her early 30’s. Heather recounts being home with her babies as a “gift”, but also speaks only surfing one day a week while her kids were little and the identity shifts that came along with being a 24/7 mom. Feeling pressure from the outside world to make money and be a supermom all at the same time, Heather took the path less travelled and decided to follow her creative passion when her kids were in school.

This passion turned out to be filmmaking. Without a lick of knowledge of the technical components of making a film or how much time and dedication it would entail, Heather believes the drive to make a film was something she was literally called to do. Heather believes in synchronicity and how when she decided to embark on her passion she was led in a direction she never could have imagined. As a completely self-funded filmmaker Heather’s films were well received all around California, the U.S. and worldwide. These films showcase talented, real life mermaid women doing what they love best-surfing! Her creative approach captures the essence of f her featured surfers and you can feel her passion storytelling and the love of the ocean as a whole. 

Linda Benson, 5 time U.S. Surf Champion says: “Heather Hudson is dedicated and passionate about documenting the unique lives and passions of diverse and talented surf women. The six women in this film celebrate life and the words “I can”. You’ll love their stories in this beautifully crafted film.”

These days, if Heather isn’t surfing in the early mornings, she is down at the water’s edge simply enjoying the beach, or working for Heal The Ocean to preserve our local ocean environment. Her two boys are in their twenties now and she is currently working on a short film. If you haven’t seen her films yet, check them out at or email her at

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Episode Take Aways: 

01:11: What being a “Soul Mamma” means to her

“I think it’s really important. I would say it’s being true to yourself and your heart. Even going through all the changes that we go through raising our kids and then moving beyond that we have to listen to our heart and we have to stay true to our calling.”


08:35: Advice for new moms

“I would say just get out. I mean, even if you can’t leave your child with someone or the husband’s at work or whatever. I used to, get up, get the kids in the stroller and go up on the mountain and you just have to get out and get that extra, that exercise, and get out there.”


11:09: On being a stay at home mom

“It does go by fast. It feels like it’s a big on ending portion of your life, but now that I’m in my fifties. I’m 56 now and I look back and it’s like, that time just flew by.”


13:39 On listening to one’s inner calling 

“I’m going to make a women’s film. I had this moment and my friend was sitting next to me and she just, she was squeezing my hand, she’s not a surfer, and she said ‘something’s happening, something’s going to happen from this’. And I knew it, but I didn’t know what. I just thought ‘I’m going to do this’.”


16:28 On her passion for filmmaking 

” I don’t just make a film just to make it. I’ve just had such a love for all of surfing that I just wanted to shed light on what it’s like. That’s why I like to showcase everyday people.”


18:32: On blind trust and believing in your gifts 

” What I learned, especially through all of my work and my life is, cool, that door is shut, so I’m going to go this other way. And it, it seems to work out. I know that’s what’s meant for me.”


21:44: On finding what guides you even if that means self funding your dreams 

“Well, I would say follow your passion. Don’t necessarily do it just for ‘Oh, I gotta make money’. I was in that mode. Money, money, money. . . you know what? I love what I do. I feel lucky that I get to do this.”


24:35: Does motherhood get easier as your kids get older? 

“Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean you just never stop-never stop working.  But it’s so, so rewarding. I feel like we’ve raised good humans (laughs).”



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