Soul Mammas Podcast Teaser-Nicole De Leon introduces the podcast and invites the audience to join the community. 


This podcast is a platform for strong, independent and hardworking mamas, who don’t define themselves by societal conventions, to speak candidly about the trials and tribulations of motherhood. More specifically, this is a podcast for adventurous and passionate moms who believe that embodying strength and alignment is the best gift they can give their children. Nicole interviews guests; including mom entrepreneurs, athletes, creative visionaries and ocean mamas, to name a few, who have maintained a semblance of their former lives while caring for their sweet babies. Nicole’s vision is to build a community of women who can speak candidly about the ups and downs of motherhood and that can share stories in a safe space free of judgment. Podcast formats vary between interviews and solo episodes with the host, who shares her own personal stories of motherhood.