Soul Mammas Podcast Ep #3: 
Courage has many faces, including vulnerability-Interview with super mom, super yogi and super athlete Adrienne Smith.



Episode Description: In this episode of the Soul Mammas Podcast, Nicole De Leon interviews studio owner, tri-athlete, soul mamma of a six month old baby girl,  Adrienne Smith. Adrienne has taken big leaps that have ultimately led to great rewards.

“I don’t know that it’s necessarily confidence because I’ve definitely been scared as I’ve embarked on everything I’ve done, but at the same time I feel like it’s almost like a calling to do a lot of the things that I’ve done. Almost like, I guess the name of your podcast being “Soul Mammas”, it’s like following my soul so that I really feel like I’m living life to the fullest. ”

Her greatest reward being her beautiful baby Reese, born in Spring 2017. She has also faced plenty of hurdles along the way. After losing both of her parents and having a miscarriage all within the last two years, Adrienne shares with us the wisdom and openness she’s acquired along the way.

” I grabbed my studio manager and I just fell to my knees outside of the studio and just told her what was happening and I couldn’t even speak. And I felt like that was probably the most vulnerable moment that I have ever had in front of other people.”

She encourages our mom listeners to follow their dreams and intuition, even when new motherhood is exhausting and sometimes disillusioning. Whether that means staying home and enjoying time with the baby or continuing to train for marathons, to Adrienne being a “soul mamma” is trusting that even our scariest decisions will lead us to our truest paths. Adrienne reminds mamas that it’s okay to delegate and rely on your “team” as well as allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and ask for help.

Her enthusiastic team at Power of Your Om has helped her to run the bustling and popular yoga studio, spend time with her baby, lead events around town, host retreats and even enjoy some “down time”. Delegating and accepting help, as Adrienne graciously demonstrates, is great lesson for us mom’s who try to DO everything and BE everything. Even though Adrienne doesn’t have either of her beloved parents to rely on during this time in her daughter’s young life, she demonstrates strength, courage, resilience and and openness to let her community hold and support her.

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 Key Take-Aways:

5:15: When asked if she makes decisions differently now that she has a baby

“From a business standpoint? I honestly can say that I don’t make decisions differently. I trust my team. . . I think the biggest thing or biggest change has been that I WANT to be home with my daughter and I want to take care of her and I didn’t expect that to be something that happened. I mean I had a child because I wanted to have a child, but I didn’t expect such a shift.”


6:34: How to not get to overwhelmed as a new mom 

“I’ve gotten a lot better at delegating. You had mentioned in the introduction about me that I had lost my parents and until that point, I don’t think I’d ever done that. I’ve never put my trust and my faith a hundred percent in someone else.”


12:12: Advice for moms on trying to maintain a semblance of their identity with a new baby

“Feel out what feels good. Do some of the same things that you used to do and see if you really still like to do them. Do different things and see if you like to do them. If you want to be home with your baby all the time, see what’s worth spending time away from him or her so. That way when you do so, you spend time feeding your own soul and feeding your own joy and, and having fun ‘cause you need to have that.”


15:19: On feeling outside pressure to be so many things as a mom 

“If I’m standing on my own two feet and  feeling really grounded in my own soul, then I just look at outside “pressure” simply as a question. But if I’m not, and I’m wavering, then I look at it as pressure and whatever way the wind blows is the direction that I end up going and that’s not really following my soul. That’s following the societal pressures and the societal norms are and that is like just not, that’s not my legacy that I want to leave for my clients.”


16:56: Mom groups and feeling grounded or ungrounded as a mom

“I’m part of a couple of mom groups, online facebook groups and people that we’ve connected with in the community, and someone will ask a question about sleep training, or breastfeeding, or formula or whatever, and I do feel that I can respond better to someone’s question if I’m grounded. If I’m not grounded, then I’m going back down the facebook rabbit hole and looking at all the answers, all the questions, and I almost end up looking for where I’m doing it wrong and where everyone else is ‘doing it right’.”


18:46: On her mom passing a way and wanting to ask her for advice 

“And so I really out of all the people in the world that I would trust it, it would be her to give me that wisdom. And yet I find myself having to find that wisdom from my own experience and knowing, and whatever maternal instincts or lack thereof that I have, and trial and error, I know that I’m doing it right because I’m not going to get that affirmation from somebody else.”


23:37 On not being able to always please everyone 

“So it’s just like I’m not going to be able to make everybody happy and appease everybody and I’m going to do things the way that my soul feels is the right direction and it’s going to be different than everybody else’s.”


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