Soul Mammas | The Podcast


Conversations with Nicole De Leon 

The Vision 

The idea for this podcast came to me when I was breastfeeding my baby on the beach in Santa Barbara, California, while watching the surfers out in the line-up. I have been surfing for almost three decades, and I suddenly realized that this was the first time in my life, other than for five months during my pregnancy, that I was unable to run out there freely and just hop in the water like I once could to catch a few waves and fill and refresh my soul. Not one to passively be a spectator, I then thought to myself, -“am I going to lose all of the independence I once had, now that I am a new mom?” Then more questions quickly followed. “ Will I forever have to ask my hubby for permission to go surfing so he can watch the baby? Is my identity forever changed?”

This is where and when I knew in my heart that I, too, needed a Tribe of other Soul Mammas, and that together, through the community of motherhood, we would find and create strength for each other, and try to gain clarity, understanding and courage about how we can best proceed as both the women we want to be, and as the mothers we know and try to love.

Podcast Format

Here I will be interviewing mammas who come from a variety of backgrounds and who have figured out that their happiness is just as important as their families. These women will talk to us about how they have navigated being a “soul” mamma and what that looks like on a day to day basis. These moms don’t have the “perfect” balanced lives. Oh no, they are real mammas just like you and I who have created an intention to live a passionate and fulfilled life. I will also be sharing my own stories as an avid surfer, entrepreneur and first time mom. Podcasts air weekly and run 30-45 mins.

About the Host

Nicole De Leon is a certified yoga teacher, surfer of over two decades,  mom of a six month old baby girl, entrepreneur and former middle school teacher.  Nicole created the Soul Mammas Podcast as an offering for women to connect with a like-minded tribe of Soul Mammas who want to speak candidly about motherhood. This includes all of hardships and the beauty. As an avid ocean lover who has spent more time in the water than on land, motherhood was an incredible shift that had her questioning her identity in and out of the water.

As a stay at home mom and entrepreneur she wondered how other women felt being labelled “just a mom” or a “working mom” and told to fit into a certain mold of motherhood. As an ocean mamma, she didn’t feel that she fit into a certain box of what a mom should be and wondered if there were other moms out there who felt the same way.  Nicole grew curious about how moms who once were once surfers, professional athletes or business owners, for instance, found the time to paddle out, train or launch new projects with kids. This is how the Soul Mammas Podcast began.

Now –Nicole is offering her own experiences to her listeners alongside guests who will talk truthfully about the day to day about being a mom. They will be covering topics like pregnancy through birth, birth stories, self care, relationship struggles, gender roles, identity, independence, finances, sex after birth, success, love, marriage, divorce, and alignment.