We don’t often get to dig deep with one another on social media, so it’s nice to share little unknown facts about one another. Breeds connection, especially when certain stages of motherhood can be isolating. Don’t you think!? 

So here are a few things you may not know about your host, aka me, Nicole.

1.) I started talking at a disturbingly precocious young age, but didn’t feel brave enough to walk until 18 months so I shuffle crawled on my back awkwardly.

2.) I pretended to be a radio host at age seven, and would make mock radio shows in my parent’s music room on a pink cassette player. I would talk non-stop for hours to a pretend audience.

3.) My mom was embarrassingly healthy growing up and would pack my lunch with sprouted “sun drops” and homemade split pea soup, which meant I would always raid my cousin’s cabinets for Lucky Charms because I wasn’t allowed to even look at them.

4.) I had five bunnies all named “Sunny” throughout my youth, all at different times. My daughter is obsessed with animals, like I was, including spiders.

5.) I’ve never been afraid of public speaking but always afraid of heights.

6.) Because the women in my family had short births, I thought for sure I would also have a quick labor. QUITE THE CONTRARY. I ended up in prodromal labor for four days with a posterior baby. I felt a lot of disappointment, shame and trauma around her birth story not going as planned, and still do.

7.) Anxiety runs in my family. I’ve struggled with it since I was a kid/adolescent. My dad used to call me “difficult.” Now that I am adult I realized I carried negative stories about myself around for so long and that I was heavily anxious about an often difficult home environment. It took therapy and inner work to realize it wasn’t my “fault.”

8.) I slept on average 4-5 hours for almost 2 years postpartum because of a light sleeper baby, and my unwillingness to night ween. When I finally started sleeping it was literally NIGHT AND DAY.

9.) I’ve travelled to the Seychelles and Maldives which are two of the truly most beautiful locations in the world. I still can’t believe I was able to experience that.

10.) I’ve been a stepparent for 13 years and it hasn’t always been easy. My stepsons were 1 & 3 when I came into their lives.

What are some things you could share about yourself that make you unique? I love hearing these! Comment below or come on over to the facebook group at Soul Mammas Podcast: Real Motherhood Talk on Passionate Mindful Living.




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