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Episode Description: 

I wish I would’ve known this week’s guest before I gave birth to my baby girl last spring, because she not only is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy, she also has a passion for  working with mamas over the course of their lifetime, from teens to pregnancy to postpartum to menopause.

Her name is Dr. Sara Tanza and she has a wealth of knowledge to provide to our mama listeners. Not only as a professional but as a mother of two-one born only 5 weeks ago! And on top of that she is sister to Melissa Mc Conville (who we spoke to last week) and the assistant race director of the She is Beautiful Race Series! 

Sara believes in empowering women and not only helps women physically, but supports mamas emotionally through her empathetic and warm nature, as well as speaking about all the taboo subjects that aren’t always touched upon in pregnancy and motherhood. For example, Sara has documented her journey as a mom on social media and speaks of how mamas need more postnatal care then just one doctors visit postpartum, and that placing so much emphasis on getting “back into shape” postpartum does a disservice to us as mothers. In fact, she encourages them to work on the correct way to heal after having children, rather then launching into activities that could make pelvic floor trauma worse. 

Personally, I identify so closely with what Sara stands for, as I am a mother who went through a traumatic birth story, where I pushed for three hours and ended up with a vacuum extraction, and still don’t feel properly versed in pelvic floor healing and health. I think it is so valuable for all mamas to have someone as knowledgable and caring as Sara to turn to. 

Sara believes in the personal fulfillment that comes with not having to choose just one career path, the role movement plays in becoming our best selves, the power of creating community and the importance of not being afraid to “let yourself in”.


Episode Take Aways: 

5:02: Sara discusses the importance of holding pelvic floor health in the same regards as any other body part or physical therapy.

7:49: Research shows us that up to 80 percent of women have pain within the first six months postpartum.

12:33: Sara recommends women have grace and patience with themselves and allow any feelings of disappointment that might accompany a traumatic birth story.

14:45: Knowing how to do exercises and poses to help your pelvic floor is extremely important for women at any stage in their life. Being well versed by a PT is important even if you are long past having a new baby.

19:28: Sara believes in taking the focus OFF of getting our bodies “back” in shape after babies and instead focusing on the beauty of our bodies postpartum.

22:15: How there is pressure to be “fit” right after giving birth. It can often make mamas feel less than.

23:40: “If dudes were peeing in their pants all the time, you know, well into their thirties, that wouldn’t be okay. If they weren’t able to have sex, that wouldn’t be okay with them. Yet as women we say, okay, we’re, we’re just gonna deal with it because this is what we’ve always done.”

30:45: How it’s important to honor all the things that make you feel alive, whatever that looks like for you.

40:24: How moms often feel guilt for any decisions they make. Whether they stay with their babies. go to work, or go to the hobbies they adore.

51:14: Sara believes that being a “soul mamma” means feeling you’re feeling your deepest truth and like trying to live it. 





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