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Sometimes as mamas it is easy to let ourselves slip away into our daily “to dos”. Kids, partners, work and household obligations can easily sneak up on us and take the place of our hobbies, interests and self-care. If we don’t recognize it, years of our lives can go by without any thoughts of our own interests, passions or needs. This is very common among moms, yet not often spoken about. 

This week’s guest made this realization when her son was five, that she had lost big parts of herself and her hobbies somewhere along the way, and that she wanted to rekindle her inner fire. Growing up in Utah with a passion for the outdoors, she never knew it would be climbing, paddleboarding, and canyoneering that would ultimately capture her heart. And as much as she was whole-heartedly enamored with her kids from the day they were born and the wisdom they had brought to her life, she realized she wanted to show them that mommy could also be happy and thriving & live an adventurous life WHILE being a hands on mom. 

Her name is Amanda Edmonds/ “Adventure Mom” and over the last five years, she has shifted her and her families lives to her “new normal” which includes a more adventure-packed, eco-conscious, healthy and together life all through rekindling her interests. 

Now she and her family climb together and support one another in this very positive and uplifting endeavor. In fact, her five year old daughter now shouts encouraging words like “way to go” to her mom and other climbers from below, just like she saw other members of the climbing community doing. Because of her authenticity and eagerness to say “yes” to scary and adventurous things that came her way, she was approached by the Born Wild Project and Tiny Big Adventure to be an ambassador and contribute her blogs.

She also volunteers for the Wild Outsiders club and the Adventure Mamas Initiative. Amanda, who can be found under “Adventuring with Kids” on Instagram, believes in portraying the truth of motherhood which may include her kids crying or not having the best day, in hopes that moms will feel less alone and more seen and heard for having “imperfect lives”. 

She also feels that rekindling adventure in her life has allowed her to be “seen” again by herself and her partner, and that it has boosted her confidence and ability to own who she is completely. She wants her kids to know that mommy is confident in her own skin and that she doesn’t need make-up or the latest diet craze to make her a better mommy. 

This confidence has led her to recently quit her day job to pursue her passion for helping other families hike, climb and cannoneer together. She doesn’t know what entrepreneurship will hold but is saying YES to taking the leap! In fact, she is saying YES to every opportunity that comes her way.


Episode Take-Aways: 

03:56: Amanda discusses how she slowly began losing herself because she was so focused on being a “perfect” mom, she forgot to just be herself.

06:01: “I think the biggest advice that I always tell people is there’s not any one way to be a good mom. Do what feels right to you.”

9:44:  Amanda talks about how her kids will always come first, but she also stresses the importance of taking time for yourself and your partner. She courages “date nights” to be “adventure dates.” Her and her husband love to connect by climbing together.

15:59: Amanda says there are definitely positives and negatives to social media, but she feels that she has built a community through social media and it makes her feel as if the world were a little smaller. She also believes you “get what you put out” and authenticity will breed authenticity.

20:12: Advice for moms of all stages: There is no rule book, so be open to change and remember your own sense of self without worrying about perfection. Also, bring other mamas UP. We need each other.

28:30: Having a daughter has been sort of a “rebirth” because it has helped her to portray self-assuredness and not speak down about herself in front of her kids. She believes she’s never felt more confident than she does now that she’s living an outdoor life.

35:52: Her kids now understand the etiquette of the mountains. Her 11 year old son is quite competent and now climbs while his mom belays.They have also internalized the positivity and camaraderie of the climbing community.

40:08: Amanda talks about her experience with naysayers or people who worry about the dangers of climbing and how she feels incredibly confident and safe on the mountain with her kids. Interestingly enough, she feels more nervous simply hiking because that is done without a rope.

45:33: Her goals for this coming new year is to say YES to scary things and allow herself to be vulnerable.


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