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If there was one word to describe this week’s guest Amanda Thiessen it would be perseverance. This hardworking mother of two, is more talented then she let’s on as a self-taught artist, who makes handcrafted apparel, pins and designs in her online store “Bee and Mae”. Some examples of messages on her shirts for the brand she created in 2016, include “Mothers are Magic” and “we’re all different”, which she created to empower families from backgrounds and stories.

What I love about Amanda Theissen, is that she persisted even in the face of extreme challenges, remains as real and authentic as can be AND seeks to inspire other moms through her apparel and pins.

When her beautiful girls, Blake and Olive were only 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 they were both diagnosed with Autism. In light of that devastating news, Amanda didn’t allow it to break her spirit. In this episode she reflects not only about the daily challenges of it all, but how tough it was to believe in her dreams when she became an around the clock care giver to everyone. If there is anyone who has forged ahead, even in the face of daily “to do”s it is this mama and in turn her children are learning to do the same.

She reminds our mama listeners that YES it is hard to invest time, money, and energy into your dreams, BUT if your soul is calling you towards it, it can bring so much fulfillment. She also speaks about how you don’t have to wait until you get a degree or formal training to go after your passions, that you can absolutely teach yourself as you go. Combine a genuine interest for helping others with something you are fired up about puts you right on track for success, especially if you don’t give up too soon.

Amanda lives in Fountain Valley Ca with her family and doesn’t need a trip to the spa to make her feel pampered. In fact, a simple trip to the movies with her hubby or a date night at home gives her all the fuel she needs for her fire. She reminds us soul mammas that the daily grind can be exhausting and all encompassing, but that their is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Her quirky, funny and creative personality and brand Amanda reminds us all to take light of ourselves every once in a while.





05:35: Amanda recalls feeling like she had to “suck it up” when she was experiencing depression and anxiety early in her postpartum phase.

11:10: Her oldest daughter’s diagnosis with Autism at 2.5 was both a relief and a punch in the gut.

15:38: Intensive daily therapy helped her oldest daughter with speech, among many other things, as she was completely non-verbal before hand.

20:01: The support and perspective of her husband kept her from crumbling with the diagnosis of her second daughter with Autism as well.

26:42: Amanda advises to do market research and make sure you love what you are committing to when starting a new venture or business.

29:20: Online marketing and entrepreneurship can be overwhelming as a mom, but you really have to put yourself out there and commit without worrying what others might think.

31:53: You don’t necessarily have to have a degree or formal training in something to pursue it as a career, you can learn a lot online.

38:09: Being a soul mamma to Amanda means sometimes putting yourself first in order to be the fullest for your children.






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