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Not all of us soul mammas are athletes, some of us are artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, etc. What I adore about the show is the wide variety of backgrounds we all share, and how we speak the same language-motherhood. It is never easy to transition away from our previously held self-identifications whether they are mental or physical, to step into this new  and profound role seamlessly.

Today’s guest Gillian Gibree has definitely earned the terms “athlete”and “ocean enthusiast”, as she is an incredibly active and accomplished mama in terms of physical fitness and health. This mama is a self proclaimed “ex-lifeguard, Roxy athlete and fitness model” who owns the business Paddle into Fitness in California. Although she humbly speaks of her accolades in terms of the past, she is still very much a capable water and business woman.

Gillian has recently made that shift into motherhood with the birth of her 9 month old son Noel. Today she is going to talk to our listeners about how hard it is to step into a new persona, with a new and different body and mind. Mama time in the water is now fewer and further between and she talks to our listeners how her and her husband navigate that dance.

As a prone paddle boarder, ocean swimmer, stand up paddle boarder and surfer, Gillian Gibree definitely adores all things ocean related. In fact her experience lifeguarding in New Zealand and love for water sports and yoga, is what launched her thriving business which offers SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness Certifications with paddle technique and water safety training for aspiring instructors.

Gillian has received many accolades which include working with brands like Athleta, Nike, Columbia, Dick’s Sporting Goods, UniQLO and Lifeproof. She was on the cover of Yoga Journal, SUP Australia, San Diego Magazine, and has been featured in Self, The Huffington Post, Shape, Outside Online, ESPN Women, and Yahoo Sports.

I have personally seen this ambitious mama carrying her baby in the Ergo down to the beach, switching with her husband to get in the water for a wave or two, and then going for a beach run while the baby slept, all in one 45 minute window. We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do as mamas right? Although Gillian is at home with the wee one she is also juggling her business as well as starting a new venture with her husband and they are hoping to launch their own podcast on health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle very soon!


[06:22] It was through an episode of getting sick after travel, which forced her to slowdown, that Gillian realized she had to reevaluate her life and that she wanted to hit the restart button and create something new-I.e., she was open to a serious relationship & possibility of motherhood.

[08:24]  Here we discuss synchronicity and how if she hadn’t have gotten seen sick she wouldn’t have met her now husband and father of her child when she was seeking wellness treatments.

[09:58]As a lifelong athlete, Gillian still reflects on childbirth as one of the most athletic things she’s ever done in her life.

[16:22]Here we discuss pregnancy and how Gillian kept swimming until her third trimester and how a lot of people impart their opinions on what a mother-to-be should and shouldn’t do.


[19:05] Gillian talks about her workouts while pregnant and postpartum and how as mamas-to be- we should’t  seek a chiseled six pack when you’re pregnant and your muscles are expanding.

[27:58Here we talk about the changing priorities of motherhood and how Gillian now plans workouts with her 9 month old Noah, or takes a short break, instead of working out twice a day or for long sessions.

[32:02] When Gillian decided to make her health her number one priority, she enlisted the help of an assistant. Learning to delegate, and not try to “do it all” is important as a mother and/or entrepreneur, so you don’t get stretched too thin.

[38:49] If you want to start something new or a new business/job, Gillian recommends starting small.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, you don’t have to quit your day job and start a business tomorrow.


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