28: Professional snowboarder mom Kimmy Fasani reflects on mindfulness, fear, & presence in motherhood



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Episode Description:


Being a female in a male dominated sport is enough of an uphill battle in terms of equal pay and opportunities, but add becoming a MOM to the mix, and it is a total new and sensitive arena. When this week’s guest, professional snowboarder Kimmy Fasani, became a mama to seven month old Koa this year, she quickly realized all of the profound identity shifts that motherhood brings on. 

With the wisdom of someone who has really put herself out into the world fearlessly, Kimmy shares how jarring traversing into motherhood can be. Certainly not in a bad way; in fact she feels that it has given her a whole new profound purpose. Kimmy is going to transparently share with our listeners how snowboarding was an “emotional fix” for so long, and then not having the opportunity to leave at the drop of a hat, really forced her to slow down a bit. I know a lot of us mama listeners can acutely relate to this. 

Today she is also going to share with us soul mammas about how she is navigating that now, while still traveling, working, and upholding her title as one of the best female snowboarders on earth. As a sponsored professional back country snowboarder and a new mom Kimmy quickly realized that she would be paving a road for other female snowboarders hoping to start a family as well. She is one of the hardest working athletes around, and truly earned the success and accolades she’s received in her career. In fact, she took the leap into motherhood DIRECTLY after two of the most successful years of her career in 2016 wining Transworld’s (2016) Rider of the Year and once again being nominated for this same award in 2017.

After having Koa, with husband and professional skier Chris Benchetler, her sponsors decided to stick by her and give her enough time to figure out the nuances of being a new mama. Kimmy feels this was a huge step for women in terms of recognizing the need for time and space to really sink into motherhood and that moms can still kick-butt in the professional arena. Kimmy says her “love for the mountains is never going to change but her career is.” She also believes motherhood is a beautiful opportunity to identify new priorities in life. 

Kimmy also shares how she didn’t realize how much help it takes to raise a wee one and how challenging it can be to not have family around. In fact, after losing both of her parents to cancer she became a vocal ambassador for Boarding For Breast Cancer. Needless to say, Kimmy is one of the most highest regarded snowboarders in the industry and today she is going to share her recent leap into motherhood with our listeners.


[08:37] Kimmy reflects on being grateful that she waited to have a child until in her 30’s. She was able to really “plug into” things that made her the most happy and really know herself first.


[13:56] How her infamous snowboarding injury taught her a lot about presence and slowing down enough to learn about mindfulness outside of just physical movement. 


[19:31] Kimmy was very forward in promoting her pregnancy in an honest way. Her sponsor Burton backed her completely during this time.


[24:43] . Kimmy says learning to be present, on the mountain and in motherhood,  has been “the most gratifying and refreshing feeling ever” because she doesn’t have to worry about what has been, or what is to come.


[38:01] Kimmy discusses the implications of the big decision for Burton to stick by her as a sponsor, even during pregnancy and the postpartum phase. She believes this will encourage other mamas not to feel as if they have to give up their own careers.


[42:22] There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to motherhood, and there is always going to be judgement within society. Follow your own inner guidance.



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