34: How to bring presence & mindfulness into our marriage and our mothering


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Episode Description: 


This week’s guest embodies everything movement. If being a mama to a toddler, a pilates, yoga and dance instructor, as well as author weren’t enough,  Kaita recently joined efforts with a group of local women and is a Director of Brand Education for Ghost Flower Activewear (activewear inspired by Chinese Medicine). Needless to say, this adorable soul mamma has quite a list of talents and interests to share with the world. 

Kaita believes in mindfulness, as a mother and simply as a person and feels so passionately about it, that she co-wrote a book entitled “ Presence of Mind” with her husband and sister-in-law on the subject. This book explains how to use mindfulness to train your attention, giving you greater influence over your thoughts, evaluations, and emotions. As a former visiting researcher at UCSB, Kaita gracefully knows how to transition from the books to the mat. 

Soon after her daughter was born Kaita got to put her mindfulness theories into practice, and spending time with her daughter Ruby is always something she makes sure she is fully present for, even when schedules are impending and lists are looming. 

Kaita learned early on that learning to ask for help is of the utmost importance when you’re a new mom, and that mom’s have to practice self-care as well, so they can be the best models for their little one’s. Today Kaita shares with our guests about mindfulness as a mama and her journey so far into motherhood


Episode Take-Aways: 

[03:44] Kaita found herself at a point where she realized her and her husband hadn’t taken time to be alone with one another in over 3 years

[05:45] Kaita suggests really taking the time to spend one on one time with your spouse. It can reconnect you in many, many ways.

[10:02] Making bids for connection. Each partner has a unique love language and may express their love and affection differently.

[14:46] Kaita speaks about the concept from her book “Presence of Mind” about attending to and releasing emotions. Sometimes relaxing will resolve issues but themselves.

[25:26] Kaita works on practicing non-resistance during tough moments like when her baby is teething and she’s up all night for example.

[29:42] To maintain presence daily, find a functional “anchor” everyday to keep you grounded. Determine what matters the most. Start there and don’t get distracted by other things in the meantime.






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