35: Challenges, successes, life changing take-aways from 2018 host Nicole De Leon.


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Episode Description:


To thank you for your loyal listenership this year I’d like to give you a synopsis of inspirational tips and take-aways from the show in 2018! In this shortened episode, I also share about my successes and challenges as a podcast host, mom of a toddler and two teenagers; including negotiating being a step-mother, communicating with teenagers, toddler life, and learning to delegate.


I talk about just getting started on a new business venture or dream and how much I learned from JUMPING in! I also discuss listening to our inner creative voice and not stifling it-even if we only have a few minutes a day to do something we love. Lastly, I go over a debriefing of guest episodes as well as the top 5 golden nuggets of wisdom from our amazing soul mamma interviewees.


Episode Take-Aways: 

[01:36]  Let’s start inciting a discussion! Mamas if you haven’t make sure to message, email or call the google voice number to get your questions or comments aired on the show! I’d love to hear from you and share your stories.

[05:02] Teenagers, step kids, big age gaps between siblings! Do you mamas share in these experiences! Navigating all of our new roles (my husband, baby and two stepsons and I) this past year has been challenging for me. Learning to delegate could’ve helped a lot!

[08:29] Taking on the role as PRIMARY everything for the baby, I was borderline obsessed with all things baby, and not letting anyone else help me BACKFIRED! I got burned out. Plus micro-managing the baby didn’t allow everyone else to help and play a role.

[10:04] One major 2018 Take Away? Making sure our significant others can play a role in our lives in some way! Let them help! You can even use a calendar if that helps plan times apart.

[11:38] Word of advice from 2018: Don’t WAIT to get started on a passion project, hobby or dream. You learn SO much from jumping in! I did with podcasting! Starting was the BEST thing.

[13:44] If you marry your purpose and passion with a need in your society, something that there hasn’t been necessarily tapped into yet, then you can find people to follow suit! We all have our own unique voice and then you genuinely want to help others we can be successful in our purpose driven lives.

[26:51] In summary,  some of the main themes from 2018 and on the show: practicing self care as mom, learning to delegate, finding that inner inner passion, that inner fire, that inkling, listening to it. What were you good at when you were younger? What is it that you love to do? LISTEN TO THAT.







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