45: A unique & successful approach to fertility, IVF, & miscarriage with renowned fertility coach Molly Nichols





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Episode Description:

Not only does she have an incredible knack for coaching mamas struggling with fertility (as a renowned fertility coach), she has quite the story of her own. After dealing with infertility, Molly Nichols became a mama to twins after seven years of emotional IVF treatments. It was then she realized the importance of mindset and the mind-body-spirit connection and how it relates to fertility. Now she coaches other mamas on this very concept. 

Because her work is her self care and she is so passionate about it, she really feels she is living an on purpose life-one that she can model to her kids. This comes NOT without the challenges of the everyday juggle of course! Because she homeschools her kids, she knows ALL about trying to find that work/life “balance” and admits balance isn’t really a real thing-in fact she feels it’s more important to teach kids to take responsibility for yourself even on the days you haven’t been your “best”. 

The incredible thing about her journey is after having her “miracle” twins, she went on to have her third child NATURALLY-which brought up a ton of stuff because of all of those years of trying!




(05:34)  Seven years and not one positive pregnancy test and then everything changed after meeting an acupuncturist that encouraged Molly to change the story within. 

(06:42) How soon after she began visualization/meditation she became pregnant with her twins.

(08:00What stories are we really telling ourselves below the surface of it all? 

(12:07) Miscarriage and infertility can be taboo, but should be spoken about so mamas don’t feel so alone in their experiences. 

(18:37) A lot of pressure is put on women when it comes to fertility and miscarriage. 

(21:19) Seeing the world through a different lens. Why looking within changes everything. 

(31:17) Conscious parenting and taking responsibility for ourselves and our relationship with our children.

(40:53) Why she believes in synchronicity and how life comes around full circle. Now she has these three beautiful children and running a business she loves. 

(42:27) Discussing naysayers. There are always going to be people telling you that you are doing something wrong as a mom. 

What being a “soul mamma” means to Molly and why she believes self care is of the utmost importance.



Memorable Quotes:


“I remember walking up to her and just saying; ‘what do you think I should do?’  She just looked right at me and she said, ‘you don’t believe you’re going to become pregnant.'”

“It woke something up in me and I feel like sometimes it catches you us off guard, but we meet that person that we’re meant to meet, even this is a perfect stranger.”

“Because our culture doesn’t give us a lot of context around how to deal with miscarriage, how to deal with loss, how to deal with the death; there’s a lot of suppression of emotions and women suffer alone.” 

“If I gave myself a hundred percent permission just to honor where I’m at right now, in this day, asking for help, receiving support- what would that look like? What would I choose for myself?”

“If I could love myself so deeply, as much as I loved this beautiful child, how would I care for myself in this moment?”

“What does my heart need? What does my body need? What do I need to nourish and lift myself up?”




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Soul Mammas! You feeling like your energy is waining, or you feel burnt out or depleted? You are NOT alone. 

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