65: Become the master of your destiny with a little faith, confidence and grit-with mompreneur Stefanie Gass





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Episode Description 

Todays guest is a mama who believes in grit and the power of going after what you love. Even if that means falling and getting up again and again.

Stefanie Gass has a successful online business where she helps women to learn boundaries, time blocking and social media strategies and detox strategies. She is also a fellow podcast host of the Momprener MasterMind Show! 

How does she do this?

Essentially this enthusiastic mama of two helps mompreneuers create passive income businesses that light them up so they can create schedules more in alignment with what they desire. It is easy to look at mommies like Stefanie and think, well I’ll never get there, or how could I possibly make my own schedule or work from home-and she acknowledges it isn’t that easy, but it is ABSOLUTELY possible. 

It took hitting rock bottom after working herself into the ground to realize that she could actually take her life and power back.

So she pivoted, and shifted gears and decided to start helping other women get to where they want to be all while giving them tangible tools to stop trying to do it “ALL” so they can have it ALL. 

Stefanie believes her faith and hard work has gotten to where she is today and believes that being a soul mama means being present for her kids, travel and family, as well as being strong powerful and multidimensional as a business woman.

Today she is going to share about how to step into our power as mommies, why we should marvel and accept our beautiful mom-bods and selves, and why she believes we can not only be lit up by living our passions, but can also profit from them. Designing a life that fills our soul, she believes is one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids. Stefanie!





Stefanie talks about her former career and how she often sought validation from income and recognition.


How Stefanie experienced a her full blown identity crisis/lowest low and how that led her to where she is today. 


The moment of truth when she got intentional with her life. 


Her year of re-grouping and doing the inner work. This included therapy, getting back to the gym and getting realigned spiritually. 


When she finally let go and “let God” she experienced many synchronistic occurrences that she calls miracles.


Why we don’t even really need to know the “hows” when we find something we are passionate about, and why simply getting started is essential. 


Now, because she changed the trajectory of her life, she feels her kids get to watch her experience her greatest passions.


Memorable Quotes 


“I am going to just take a step back, heal myself, heal my mind, rewrite the vision I want for my life, and then trust that the answers will appear.”

“If you have a higher power or some kind of creator that you believe in, they give you these things that you’re so passionate about.”

“So here was the crazy thing-when I got into alignment with that and I just opened my heart- God showed me what was next.”

Don’t worry about the “how’s”. You just have to start.

“I know this is what I’m passionate about. I know these are my gifts that I need to go out and teach the world.  I knew who I wanted to help. So all I did was started taking really messy action.”

“When somebody is negative about my dreams or something that I have on my heart, I know that it’s not a reflection of me, it’s a reflection of them.”

“Mom, guilt is not bad. We just have to learn how to like harness it and, control it so that it doesn’t take over.”


Connect with Stefanie:

Instagram: @stefaniegass

Website: https://www.stefaniegass.com

Podcast: Mompreneur Mastermind Show 


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