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Episode Description 



Non resistance. How dos this relate to motherhood?

Well, I can think of a million ways. One- letting go of control can actually lead us to more alignment than trying to micromanage every little detail of our lives. Two-softening is essential for conceiving and giving birth, and three-we can either accept what IS or resist it and suffer, those are our two choices.

For me, as a mom of a toddler and two stepsons, I have a hard time letting go of control.

Sometimes I feel like control is the only way I know how to operate as a mother. But when I have been forced into situations where I had to rescind all control, I actually realized how many more things manifested into my life.

Today’s guest is yoga instructor and new mama Lindsay Gonzalez who specializes in mindfulness and breath work.

In fact, she was ale to bring these practices into the birth of her son Luca in the mountains of Washington state. It was methods in hypnobirthing, breath work and meditation that helped her get through her birth with relative ease.

Lindsay is no stranger to following her dreams, and her and her partner opened  Balancé Yoga Studio in El Salvador where they hold Retreats.

Lindsay is an intuitive guide, energy healer and a student of Yoga Therapy. She is an apprentice of Christian de la Huerta. For over 7 years Lindsay has studied the healing modality of Transformational Breathwork and leads group and private Breath work meditations.

She believes being a Soul Mamma means being malleable and able to go with the flow.

Life can be overwhelming and sometimes you just need to turn off the phone, close the computer and take some deep breaths in nature to come back to what really matters.







  • Hypnobirthing her son and letting go of resistance
  • Practicing non-resistance in our lives as a whole
  • The challenges of living/traveling in El Salvador with an infant
  • How communication is key in maintaining a positive relationship with her partner and business partner.
  • Outside pressure in regards to living in El Salvador with a baby and following her own truth



Memorable Quotes: 

“I am just going to have no plan (for childbirth), if I need meds I’ll take meds, because at the end f the day I’ll have my baby.” 

“Surrender, surrender and let it be what it needs to be so that the baby is healthy.” 


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