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Episode Description 

Step parenting… and tossing a new baby into the mix! What are some of the joys, successes and challenges? 

Today Mom author and wellness coach Michelle Mansfield shares about stepping into the step motherhood role over six years ago. She shares how it was not easy, but had many valuable lessons. These lessons include how insecurity can creep up in all aspects of blended families and it’s important to examine where frustrations or misunderstandings might be coming from. For example; how we feel around our new partners ex wife or partner and what boundaries we put in place for that relationship. Michelle is also candid about wanting to impress her stepchildren in the beginning and soon realizing they just craved love and consistency more than anything else.

Michelle believes that being a Soul Mamma means connecting to that inner compass and intuition to honor what is important to us as moms and human beings. She also believes it means gaining confidence and pride by finding connection to what’s already inside of you.

This mama is an Author, Health Coach, stepmother to two wonderful kids in college, and a mother to her six year old daughter, Brooklyn. Michelle’s passion for wellness has traveled through fertility to postpartum healing, along with a passion for family wellness as a whole. Michelle’s writing includes a series of children’s wellness books starring her daughter. Her latest project and passion is writing a book addressing the common, but taboo, feelings that many moms feel but are often ignored. Her goal is to help mothers acknowledge these feelings, find a spot in the community she’s creating, and gain confidence to share their feelings in order to heal.



  • Learning that her stepchildren needed consistency and love rather than always trying to “win them over” with fun things.
  • How it takes tie to develop trust in blended families and ups and downs are totally normal
  • Her experience with her husband’s ex wife and how having a “nice” ex doesn’t necessarily make it easier to navigate that relationship.
  • How she began to fuel her own confidence inside herself as she stepped into this role and became a mom to her own daughter.
  • Bringing a baby into the mix! The major challenges, sometimes jealousy and trying to figure out everyone’s role.
  • How she didn’t realize she had postpartum depression until she looked back on her experience as a new mother.
  • Letting go of control. Not easy but important in her journey.



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Nicole De Leon is the host of the Soul Mammas podcast, a mama of a toddler and two teenage stepsons, a writer, life coach and surfer. When not with her family or interviewing inspiring mamas around the world, you can find her in the water at her favorite surf spot on her “mom breaks.” Email her at to join her one on one and group coaching session for rediscovering your purpose as moms.  


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