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Episode Description 

Adventure mamas.

Those who feel like the best versions of themselves when outside and even more so when taking their kids on adventures with them. Today’s guest, Brooke Froelich, is a research scientist, trail runner, storyteller, backcountry skier, climber, adventurer, and mountain biker, but the title she values the very most in my life is: mother. When she’s outside she feels she is more kind, more patient, more playful, more brave and a little more wise.

Brooke says her children get dirty, run wild, sit still for long periods of time curiously studying bugs and plants, and push boundaries challenging themselves.

What I like about Brooke is her ability to story tell candidly through her platform and encourage other mamas to get outdoors.

She admits it isn’t always easy and she has to work HARD to pave the way for the life she loves. She was also a single mother to her son Tate after a divorce and after re-marrying and having another child, recognizes the importance of facing fears. She also acknowledges the many challenges and incredible moments she shared with her son when it was just her and him.

She doesn’t wait for her husband to get home from work to take her kids on adventures. In fact, her husband is often traveling for work when she takes her children camping during the week and doesn’t hesitate to do it alone anyway.

After she had daughter, Tatum, was born, she began working full time from home. Now she works with brands like Merrell, Otterbox, GoPro, Thule, Nordica, Setton Farms, and Specialized to encourage families to live the lives they love.

Spending time outside helps her keep perspective of the most important elements in her life.

Brooke feels that being strong mamas means taking care of ourselves-strong mamas build strong homes. Taking care of our emotional and physical health enables us to nurture a healthy family.


  • What adventure means to her
  • How working from home poses it’s own challenges and incredible benefits as well
  • Why the outdoors have always been her place of solace
  • How she manages to still take her little ones into nature solo and how she stays safe and prepared
  • Her experience with single parenthood and divorce
  • Nuancing family dynamics
  • Why she believes in working towards your passion and how a life of adventure is more readily available than we think.

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Nicole De Leon is the host of the Soul Mammas podcast, a mama of a toddler and two teenage stepsons, a writer, life coach and surfer. When not with her family or interviewing inspiring mamas around the world, you can find her in the water at her favorite surf spot on her “mom breaks.” Email her at to join her one on one and group coaching session for rediscovering your purpose as moms.  


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