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Episode Description 

Today we have entrepreneur Jen Steinwurtzel, mama of two on the show today who used her experience with going through a pivotal life change, in her case a divorce, to open her clothing shop Jake and Jones in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, California.

Jake and Jones,  a boutique clothing line is named after her two boys, and was born out of her need to creat, feel inspired and to be a part of her local community. She also longed to reenter the world of fashion, style, fun and art.

After speaking with Jen in person for our pre-interview chat, I immediately appreciated her frankness, vitality and curious/driven nature.

She spoke openly about divorce and didn’t sugar coat the ups or the downs of her experience. 

Jen is not only a mom to two fast growing boys, she is also an entrepreneur at heart who truly sees her brand as a way to connect creatives, mothers, and women to feel encouraged to believe that they can pause at any point in their lives and change course. Jenn is passionate about inspiring others to realize they can make a change at ANY point in their life, even if they were going down the quote; WRONG PATH, before. She also believes we all deserve to live the life we want. One of our own creation. 

Jen believes being a soul mamma is a practice – an ongoing journey of choosing truth and love. It is a constant choice to be present and loving to our kids.

This mama believes that we give so much to our kids and to their ever growing worlds, that we sometimes forget about keeping our own exciting and adventurous. She knew that she wanted to share with her kids a mom who was also curious about the world, delighted in new things and willing to take risks. 

This store, this concept has become a child of it’s own – a village of people working with me to help create a place where women can feel a sense of awe and excitement about colors, fabrics, textures and above all where they can feel whole, good and complete in their unique and beautiful bodies and in their unique and beautiful lives.


  • How creativity is healing during life’s “lows” like a big break up or divorce in her case
  • How her major life “low” led her to more courage, after time, than ever before
  • The importance of listening to inner truth in face of big life decisions
  • How to be a mom, first and foremost, but also pursue your own dreams
  • Not worrying about the status quo when faced with big decisions
  • How sychronicity played a role in opening her shop once she set the intention
  • Why saying yes to people that come into your life to guide you at the right time has proven fruitful for this mom
  • Navigating a divorce in a small town
  • How the grass isn’t “greener” but it is what we make of it

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