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Episode Description 

We are often surrounded by people showing interest in our pregnancies and babies to-be, but once we had home with our prized possessions, postpartum care is sparse at best.

I was shocked that after a four day long prodromal labor and 3 hours of pushing I only saw my OB one time postpartum and that is where the “support ended”. Breastfeeding is often WAY more difficult than we think, in my case I can attest to this, and without someone standing by to offer personalized support, a lot of mommies give up in fear that their babies aren’t getting enough milk.

It happens more often than we’d like to admit in this society and today’s guest Lauren Archer is here to explain just why she feels every woman deserves and needs a postpartum doula.

Lauren is the woman to go to in helping mamas survive the transition that comes after you give birth. This mama whose instagram handle and business is entitled “Love of a Little One”, is spunky, brave, courageously honest and passionate about mamas. She is a mama to her little one “cubby” and her offerings include postpartum doula, childbirth and postpartum educator, and lactation support

What I really appreciate about Lauren is her ability to speak about the often taboo subjects of motherhood and she does so in a sometimes shockingly honest way.

What caught my attention was how well versed and eloquent she is in speaking about new motherhood, how she captures the vulnerable and breathtakingly authentic moments in her social media feed, and how she is just “so real” when talking about motherhood as a whole. For instance, she is not adversed to having her husband turn on the cartoons in the middle of the night for her little one if she is working an overnight shift, or how there is never a “one size fits all” approach to things like sleep training, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, etc.

Once you talk to Lauren you can tell her approach is real and non-judgmental and she feels it is so important that every mommy, no matter what background, receive postpartum care.

She also believes education equals empowerment. Lauren extends her services to every parent; including families that grow via surrogacy and adoption and supports all families, regardless of race, religion, or the gender of their partner.


  • Why Lauren believes that taboo subjects of motherhood should be spoken about in order to connect us more.
  • Why she believes all mommies can use pre and postpartum support.
  • How to budget for and how to prioritize postnatal support
  • How speaking our truths is both cathartic and connecting
  • Why motherhood should not be divisive
  • How not all of us fit into one motherhood “box” and how we should just own our own unique truths
  • The impetus behind her passion for postnatal education and support for mamas.

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