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Episode Description 

Stepping into the role of mother can be jarring to our sense of self identification.

It is easy to start feeling lost when we are feeling exhausted, stretched thin, maxed out and drained. When I first became a mom two and a half years ago, I didn’t realize how important taking to to myself and saying “YES” to help really was.

It wasn’t until I experienced a “low” as a new and anxious mom, where I felt adrenal fatigue coming on, that I realized I had to make a shift.

I wasn’t doing anything for myself, was starting to feel like I didn’t have a purpose and that I wasn’t being recognized for anything other than just “being a mom”, I decided I needed to change something big. I had to face my fears and start this weekly podcast I had been stalling on for years. I knew this is something I always wanted to do, but didn’t think I was savvy enough or that I had enough time to really get started.

Once I decided to take the that leap and follow my creative passion that I had as a kid (which was to be a radio host), I started realizing who I really was again.

The coaching came around full circle out of a passion and desire to help mamas rediscover their own sense of selves and purpose. As a former life coach and teacher, I decided this was the perfect platform to use my own experience and knowledge, and getting on the other side of feeling lost, to coach mommies. This community of mamas and interviewees has inspired me so much to share all of the tips and tools I’ve gleaned so I am stating to add these coaching episodes for you mamas into the mix once a month in addition to the  weekly scheduled interviews.



    • How I got started coaching and what my major coaching principles are
    • How YOU can pivot and rediscover your purpose at ANY stage of motherhood
    • How to start becoming aware of the signs you are feeling lost or frazzled
    • My 3 main tips to starting to home in on your truth
    • What to watch out for
    • How this is accessible to mamas from all walks of life and all backgrounds.
    • Why we can pivot at any moment in our lives to make lasting change.


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Nicole De Leon is the host of the Soul Mammas podcast, a mama of a toddler and two teenage stepsons, a writer, life coach and surfer. When not with her family or interviewing inspiring mamas around the world, you can find her in the water at her favorite surf spot on her “mom breaks.” Email her at to join her one on one and group coaching session for rediscovering your purpose as moms.  


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