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Episode Description 

Are you mamas feeling stressed out about the holiday season? Do you look forward to it, but mostly spend it burning the candle at both ends, & don’t relax at all? Do you feel impending dread at all the money and energy you’ll spend? You are NOT alone. The holidays can be so tough for learning to practice self care as moms because we are quite often doing everything for EVERYONE else. So I am here today to tell you and coach you on how this is the BEST time to focus on self care, alignment, and how to live your truest purpose.


  • How to set boundaries to stay healthy over the holidays (emotionally and physically) 
  • How to learn to articulate our needs
  • How to know when we aren’t speaking up or speaking our truths
  • What situations to avoid
  • The difference between doing something out of love and doing something because we think we have to
  • Why you probably have more time than you think 
  • How to carve out time even if you are a single parent, working parent, busy parent, etc. 
  • Why the holidays can be especially hard for single parents, people out of work, families with sick kids or loved ones, relationship struggles, etc. 
  • Why need to give ourselves space so we can figure out what we really need on a soul level. 


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Nicole De Leon is the host of the Soul Mammas podcast, a mama of a toddler and two teenage stepsons, a writer, life coach and surfer. When not with her family or interviewing inspiring mamas around the world, you can find her in the water at her favorite surf spot on her “mom breaks.” Email her at to join her one on one and group coaching session for rediscovering your purpose as moms.  




Soul Mammas! Do you ever find yourself longing for more time or clarity to focus on your passions or
purpose? You are NOT alone. 

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