Soul Mammas | About Nicole

Nicole De Leon has been a teacher most of her life.  With a Masters in Education, Nicole taught art to middle and high schoolers, for ten years, inspiring them to delve into their creative sensibilities.  Even her teens, Nicole taught people of all ages and backgrounds to surf, first in her hometown of Ventura, California and then in Manly, Australia, where she lived and worked for a year. In her 20s, she taught surfing and yoga at the Surf with Amigas Surf & Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua. After surfing for the past 23 years and traveling to exotic surf destinations, such as the Maldives and Seychelles, Nicole developed a passion for writing about her experiences and embarked on a writing career as a women’s columnist for DEEP magazine.

Nicole is no stranger to a busy schedule, as she is a mom of a vivacious little toddler and a stepmom to two teenage boys. Nicole is also a a certified Yoga Alliance instructor of ten years who has always had a natural affinity for helping get others inspired and fired up about their health and wellness.

After having her baby in spring 2017, Nicole realized how isolated and disconnected moms and parents can feel when playing the role of caretaker to everyone in their lives. As an exhausted new mom, Nicole became interested in hearing stories from other women and how they handled the ups and the downs of motherhood and how they found alignment and joy in their own lives without feeling guilty for taking care of themselves.

Nicole knows first hand how the high levels of stress and responsibility that arise as a parent can cloud a person’s vision and purpose. The Soul Mammas Podcast and Community was born out of the hope that she can connect women together so they don’t feel alone on their journeys.


Because sometimes we seek perfection as moms, which can lead to feeling “less than,” Nicole was deeply inspired to create a truth-telling space for other moms to share their successes AND struggles, and wanted to build a community of women who believed mamas should and can live passionate lives. After seeing her own mom play the “supermom” role for her entire childhood, she often felt that her mom didn’t take the time she needed to nurture herself and that she wanted to change that cycle as a mom herself. Leading by example to her daughter has fueled her fire to encourage other mamas to model passionate, aligned lives to their children and not to stifle their  own joy.

Nicole infuses compassion, play and laughter into her podcast, teaching, yoga classes and daily life. Being raised by a family full of actors and comedians on her dad’s side, Nicole always wanted to capitalize on her extroverted nature and curiosity for other people’s stories. She can remember as far back as when she was seven years old creating radio shows with her little cassette tape in her family’s music room for hours on end.  Nicole always dreamed of having her own radio show and it took the birth of her daughter to refuel her fire, creativity and purpose for this venture. Hence the Soul Mammas Podcast began. She currently resides in sunny Southern California with her husband and kids. Here she hosts her podcast and community of soulful, mindful parents and mommies.



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