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Episode Description 

Sometimes it takes big, scary life shifts like loss, cancer, divorce, etc. to make changes that we really need to make in life.

It also helps put what really matters in life into clear perspective immediately. Mom of three Shauna Mc Coy was faced with just that.

After a breast cancer diagnosis that led to a double mastectomy, Shauna decided to reevaluate all that was important to her, change her diet, her sleep and work habits, and face the world with entirely new eyes.

She admits to burning the candle at both ends and never taking time for herself or her health. She also recognizes not listening to inklings or little warnings in her body that may have signaled something was off.

This surf, skater mama is a breast cancer survivor, mama of three and homeschooler who views eating well as medicine.

Although she has come out the other side from her diagnosis, she doesn’t identify with cancer as being her identity because she chooses to focus on health and life and wellness rather than the sickness itself. 

Today she shares about how her diagnosis of early stage breast cancer radically shifted her perspective on life, her eating and lifestyle habits and allowed her to peel back the layers to truly heal emotionally.

Before her diagnosis she admits she was trying to give her children ” the perfect childhood” and resented that cancer and divorce had stolen that from them. 

 Shauna believes being a Soul Mamma means being emotionally available for her kids and that being imperfect and flawed is more than okay.

She is constantly on a mission to find new exciting ways to learn, adventure and deepen our relationship with each other.

Shauna has chosen to look at health instead of sickness and the bodies amazing ability to heal itself.

She also runs a handmade clothing line called Poor Pitiful Pearl and lives near the beach where she and her girls surf, swim and roller skate together.



  • Reflecting on her mothering style pre and post cancer diagnosis.
  • Why letting go has been so important for her physical and mental health
  • Why she chose to go vegan and change her diet completely in light of a breast cancer diagnosis
  • The role faith has played in her life
  • Letting go of the “perfect mom” stigma.
  • Why she wants to model realness to her kids instead of cookie cutter perfection
  • How she made amends with any bitterness or resentment she was carrying so she could say yes to her health.
  • Her recommendation to mamas who might be going through a similarly scary diagnosis.



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Anita Moorjani “Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing.”




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