Soul Mammas | Testimonials 

Nicole is AMAZING. She has a natural warm and inviting presence making people feel welcome. In her presence and through her coaching, she innately makes you feel grounded and seen. Nicole’s love of life is inspiring. I am truly thankful for the positive influence that she has on our UCSB community. Our students love her!!

Brenda Lear

UCSB Recreation Center Director, University of California Santa Barbara

“I sought Nicole’s support while interviewing for a big work opportunity. The work in our sessions helped me see things in a different light. As a result, I felt much more calm and confident going into the last interview with the organization’s founder. Nicole is incredibly present and asks key questions that get to the root. I feel very fortunate to have met her.”

Ric Martinez


    I have been blessed and honored to be a friend, client and a colleague of Nicole’s for over a decade. What makes Nicole so special is her ability to flow with the moment inside and outside of the coaching and class setting. Her love and affinity for the ocean has nurtured a “be in the in the present, and choose your happiness” style of being as well as teaching and coaching. Nicole continues to be inspired and challenged by life. Whether she chooses to surf, teach, paint, hike, travel or whatever may cross her path, Nicole seizes the joyful moment!

Katrina Durocher

Yoga Instructor , 500 hour Yoga Therapist, founder of Yoga 432

Soul Mammas | Coaching

I believe in you mamma. I believe in your potential to thrive and to embrace life fully. I know how hard it can be to find time to nurture yourself, especially with all the duties that come along with being a mom. As a mom to an infant and two teenage step-sons, I totally get it!  It wasn’t until I enlisted the help of a life coach and began doing inner work that I realized I could literally drop into my dreams at any moment and live a life a truly adored. Girl, I know this isn’t always easy, believe me, but it is totally attainable for all moms.

If you are feeling burnt out or lost, or that your are stifling your fullest potential, which is common amongst new and seasoned mammas, it’s time to stop get some help and start discovering your greatest gifts. There is that innate potential burns brightly in you and I can help you reconnect to it. Helping ourselves helps us be better mommas and partners.

My passion for being a mom and a life long surfer, has taught me lessons about flow, presence and alignment.  Although it hasn’t always been easy.  I have developed strategies that have proven successful in my own life to support you in stepping into a more full illuminated YOU. You deserve a life of alignment even amongst the long list of roles you play daily as mom.

You are here because you are finally ready to jump into your own powerful “big blue” and start creating the life you’ve dreamed of! If you haven’t been able to pinpoint the areas of imbalance in your life, or why you lack focus towards your goals/ desires, we will do that together. I offer strategic coaching based on the nuances of your personality and deepest needs.  Together we will design your glowing and illuminated life.

I work with my clients one on one via Skype or in person. You choose from three different coaching packages (6 weeks, one session at a time, and re-boot packages). This time commitment allows us to build a foundation of trust and deepen into our relationship together. This is how I can best support you in moving forward in your life. Deep transformation takes time, and I will be with you every step of the way.

Here are the results you will get from coaching with me:

  • You will create an intentional life that you adore, rather than just being buried under “to do” lists. 
  • You will begin to reconnect with who you really, by retraining the mind, so you can even be more fully present with your family. 
  • You will learn how to keep your body balanced for optimal health for you stop be the best mom you can be. 
  • You will learn that you can live your innermost desires, by letting go of old stories, even if you are a full time mom. 
  • You will learn how powerful you really are and how to use that power to manifest your deepest desires.


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I am here for you, let us create magic together. . .♥