67: The confidence mindset for moms with Olympic gold medalist platform diver Laura Wilkinson




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Episode Description 

Our children emulate us. If we believe in our dreams with confidence and live out our greatest truths, they will see that they can attain whatever they dream of as well.

Today I am talking to someone who knows about realizing our greatest dreams & cultivating a confidence mindset. It is an honor to speak with mother of four and one of the most renowned women’s platform divers of all time, Laura Wilkinson on the show today. Not only is she an Olympic Gold Medalist in platform diving, she is also a mother of four children (2 through adoption) and quite humble, and transparent about her journey and the role faith plays in her life.

Laura, known for her fierce determination but her presence and joy during competition, went against all odds, and in one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history, Laura, starting in eighth place and with a broken foot, came from behind to win the 2000 Olympic platform gold medal.

Laura has also won the 2004 World Cup and the 2005 World Championships, becoming the first woman in history to win all three coveted world titles!

Today Laura is going to share about grit, perseverance and the power of believing in ourselves. She also shares of how her four children have all helped her grow in some special way. She was told NO many times as a budding diver and athlete only to prove the masses wrong.

Laura also went through an eight year adoption journey with two of her children, which was both emotional and life changing. 

It’s not enough that Laura is an amazing mama to her four little ones, In 2017, following a nine year retirement, Laura returned to competition! She is now currently training full time with her eyes set on the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Laura is also a fellow podcaster mama who hosts the Hope Sports Podcast and speaks with professional athletes about confidence, and purpose in addition to performance. Laura is also a public speaker and has much knowledge and wisdom to share with the world about parenthood, faith, confidence and athleticism





Why the idea of balance is kind of a unicorn. Laura doesn’t believe in trying to “balance” it all.


How motherhood and training for the 2020 Olympics is a constant juggle, and even when she feels down she doesn’t let it floor her. This takes persistence and grit.

Why it’s okay to mess up and apologize to our kids instead of trying to act perfect.


Why diving is like worship for her.


Reflecting on the importance of mental training as an athlete and why this is now her calling-to help others learn confidence through mindset shifts.



Memorable Quotes 

“Balance is a unicorn. It doesn’t really exist. If you want to be good at something, you have to put yourself all in.”

“My kids are my number one priority. So sometimes I have to put off something that I’m doing for my athletic training.”

“When you fail, you can’t let it devastate you. You can let it define you and just shrink away and never get any better.”

“I’m in that place and I’m giving my all that feels like worship to me. It’s like my whole heart is in it. This is what I’ve been gifted to do and it makes me feel so whole and so complete.”

“Don’t be afraid to dream big because even if you don’t reach those dreams, you’re gonna learn so many things on the way there.”


Connect with Laura:


Instagram: @lalathediver

Website: https://www.laurawilkinson.com

Podcast: The Hope Sports Podcast




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