Soul Mammas Podcast: Real Motherhood talk on mindful, passionate living as parents. 


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Episode Description: 


Zumba sensation and soul mama, Josette Tkacik, shares her incredible story from being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2002, to leading one of the largest Zumba classes in the world in Santa Barbara California.

As a new mom, during the initial diagnosis, she could’ve easily accepted her “fate” and become wheelchair bound, unable to play with her two year old son or even walk. Yet, when this former professional ballerina decided to turn within for answers, and began the road to healing, leading her to a life beyond her wildest dreams.

Now Josette teaches daily Zumba classes of upwards of 200 people per class and has been named a hero in her community. She is currently an inspirational speaker, teaching other Zumba instructors around the world as well as through her classes on the Daily Om.

Episode Take-Aways: 


1:43: Why not listening to our body when it shows signs of distress can manifest into something larger.

5:34: Why the prospect of not being able to play with her son fueled her fire to begin her inner work.

7:10: Why our lowest points or scariest moments can become our greatest gifts. 

9:56: On why we should teach our children to look within for guidance.

14:52: Letting go of past trauma and dis-ease wasn’t easy, and her experience with the Herxheimer Reaction. 

18:33: Her experience with professional dancing in her past, and how even rejection were all important pieces in her journey.

22:51: How, even after the crushing diagnosis, she went on to teach hundreds to Zumba

26:36: How we are all here to fulfill a sacred calling and if we listen to the signs and signals, we will be led in the right direction 



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