Soul Mammas Podcast: Real Motherhood talk on mindful, passionate living as parents.


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Episode Description: 

This week’s guest; portrait photographer extraordinaire, creative visionary and soul mamma, has enthusiasm for photography, her family and for, life really, and it is nothing short of captivating. This, along with her uncanny ability to make people feel completely at ease in her presence, is why Ashleigh has found such success as a photographer.

Although Ashleigh shoots weddings, children, and special occasions, personalized fashion photoshoots for women that leave them feeling and looking gorgeous, has been her truest passion. Her work has been featured in Brideand Vanity Fair magazines. Bringing out a woman’s divine femininity and sexiness in each photoshoot, and making them feel more beautiful than ever before, is how she maintains her stamina.

In addition to traveling and shooting photography for a living, she also teaches the craft she so adores all while being a “hands on” mommy to her son Theo.

Although Ashleigh is pulled in many directions career and family-wise, Ashley wakes up everyday doing what she loves, and it is through her palpable enthusiasm that she inspires us all, including her son Theo, to always be your own unique self, and shoot for the stars when it comes to your dreams.


Episode Take Aways: 

8:53: Ashleigh speaks about “taking the leap” into the unknown and following her passion, even though she didn’t know where it will lead.

9:33: Reflecting on how life has taken her from not knowing exactly what she wanted to do, to being her own boss, to a successful wedding photography business to shooting portraits at home around the world. All because of taking “the leap” into her fears.

11:02: How it was tough to move into solely portrait photography after the any accolades that she had received for being a wedding photographer. This included being on the June Bug’s list of “Best Wedding Photographers”.

14:08: How Ashleigh believes being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest examples to set for your children of living strong, independent lives. Ashleigh admits this way of life is NOT always easy.

15:50: Why choosing the right timing to start a new creative venture or change careers as a mom is of the utmost importance.

20:44: How navigating the role of mother is not always easy, especially in a society that emphasizes men going on work trips and a mom who has to travel for work is a lot less common.

21:26: How traveling to Europe for work really re-instilled confidence and independence in her.

25:13: How her portrait business is more about leaving legacies. She chooses quality of quantity and her photoshoots literally take an entire day with her clients to feel pampered and beautiful.

27:31: Why Ashleigh feels so passionate about highlighting a women’s real inner beauty-at ANY age!!

29:46: How oftentimes we don’t take care of ourselves or emphasize our own much needed “me” time as moms. Ashleigh would like all women, especially mamas to celebrate their beauty.

31:50: How almost all of us struggle with body issues at some point, especially being a new mom.

33:52: Reflecting on what makes her business unique. She is touted for establishing relationships with her clients and not only making them feel comfortable, but so gorgeous in their own skin.

38:14: How if you are a mommy you aren’t often IN the pictures with your kids. Ashleigh reminds mommies to insert themselves in the pictures so their ids have memories of them as well! She also uses this as a metaphor for practicing self-care as moms.



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