Justine Nobbe and is the co-founder and executive director of the “Adventure Mamas Initiative”. She is also a mama to two and a half year old Matti, who literally joins his mama on climbing adventures where she’ll strap him to her or her husband’s back, or bring him along on her snowboard or cycling trips. Her joy-infused, adventure seeking-life is carried on in Utah where her family resides, as well as and on trips abroad.

Apropos to the one of the main themes of the show Justine believes that if we are going to tell our children to dream big, that as parents we must exemplify that first hand.

Justine suggests that an adventure is really in the eye of the beholder and whatever constitutes an adventure to the one experiencing it, is what matters.


Episode Take-Aways: 

5:30: Justine reflects on just how much changes when we become a mother. Not that it is a negative. Just the depths of change in one’s life, particularly when they previously pursued a life that was all about their adventures and solo journeys.

8:15: Women shouldn’t have to feel that they have “peaked” just because they’ve had a baby. This is why she started the Adventure Mamas Initiative.

11:25: One doesn’t have to be a so -called “elite athlete” to enjoy adventurous activities. IN fact many of the mommy ambassadors for AMI were not athletes or adventurous their entire lives.

19:34: AMI highlights mommies from all backgrounds, ages, stages and walks of life. The main pursuits the team started with were climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, ice climbing and cycling but now they have ambassadors in multiple sports and hobbies.

25:41: Developing alliances in parenthood is super important. Whether you are in a traditional, non traditional, or in a single parent arrangement. Reaching out to your partner or community to build a team around the child or children is of the utmost importance.

27:06: Adventuring with kids isn’t perfect and Justine and AMI believe in portraying realness rather than perfection.

32:40: Justine believes in finding “something that makes you happy and pursue it vigorously and prioritize it over other things from time to time.” She believes that “prioritizing  things that make you happy and let your kids see you doing it, will inspire them to also live the life of their dreams.

38:14:  Justine and I discuss: What’s your jam? Surfing, climbing, cycling? What is it that, that, you know, resonates with you as an adventure? It doesn’t necessarily need to be show stopping!

42:29: Justine reminds listeners that she didn’t climb or overtly adventure her entire life. In fact, it was only after she was a full grown adult that she started seriously climbing. You can start now!


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