43: Challenges of step parenting teenagers & a new baby with host Nicole De Leon



Episode Description:

Not everyone has a “traditional” family. Some of us are stepparents, in a longterm partnership with kids, have big age gaps between children, or have children with disabilities, for instance. More often than not we think we go through challenges alone, but if we share our unique stories we realize there are many mamas out there experiencing something similar to us. I was always really private about sharing my story of becoming a stepmom at 25 of two boys full time, one with a disability, but since I began the podcast I realized how important it is to be transparent with our stories. This is why I am sharing mine today. I believe this will resonate with moms from all walks of life; not just stepmoms.

Topics covered: 

  • Step parenting teenagers
  • Having the “birth mom” not in the picture
  • Not getting married until 10 years into my relationship
  • Becoming a mom figure at a young age
  • Having a baby “later in life”
  • The dynamics of a new baby on a family with older children


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[05:13] Sometimes love is unexpected-how I fell in love with a man with two little boys 

[06:49] Following my heart even in a challenging situation 

[08:41] The challenges that go along with having a hearing impaired child

[11:35] Grappling with feelings of guilt

[14:07] Why it took me 10 years in the relationship to commit to getting married & have a baby

[18:47] The challenges of being a stepparent and why it is really challenging to talk about

[27:10] What do you do if your step kids say “you’re not my real mom?” How to maintain boundaries and impose limitations/grounding?

[28:11] Navigating opposing personalities and differing life views in a “non traditional” household



Memorable Quotes:

Even friends that you don’t think are going through things ARE going through things. If you are feeling alone in something, REACH OUT.

“When things are a struggle at home, it’s hard to face the world with complete strength and complete clarity and complete manifestation.”

“Up to that point, I let my heart and my emotions lead the way. I was never very formulated about things”

“I was always really private, particularly about being a step parent, because if you’re a step parent, you know it’s a really sensitive topic.”

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