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Episode Description:

In this episode I speak with Heather Hudson, self proclaimed “obsessed” surfer for the past 40 years and soulful mother. Heather felt called to be a filmmaker when her boys were young, even though she didn’t know the first thing about filmmaking.

Her courageous leap into the unknown led her to her passion of capturing and highlighting people’s stories and journeys. Her films beautifully capture her love for the water, for the people around her and for her own life and family.

Heather inspires our listeners to believe in their passions, even if it isn’t the”practical” thing to do. Her films,The Women and the Waves Onand The Women and the Waves Two, have been renowned throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Episode Take Aways: 


01:11: Heather talks about what being a “Soul Mamma” means to her.

08:35: Advice for new moms who aren’t able to get back to their favorite hobbies or passions right away. 

11:09: Choosing to be a “stay at home” mom and the challenges and successes of this. 

13:39: Listening to one’s inner calling and not being afraid to follow it, even if it isn’t “practical” 

16:28: On her passion for filmmaking, although she new very little about making films initially . 

18:32: Trusting our gut can lead us to places and accomplishments we never imagined, even if it is scary to make the leap. 

21:44: Sometimes following your dreams, means making starting with a shoestring budget. 

24:35: Motherhood doesn’t necessarily get easier as kids get older. Once a mommy , always a mommy. 


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  1. Rosemary Alden

    This is what I heard. What starts as an inspiration for Heather becomes her reality. ‘No’ doesn’t stop her. Surf? I can do that. Mom? I can do that. Filmmaker? I can do that. She’s never done it before, so she learns!!! Fear doesn’t stop her and she is not afraid of hard work.


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