Soul Mammas Podcast: Real Motherhood talk on passionate, mindful living as parents. 



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Episode Description 


This weekly podcast is a platform for real motherhood talk and for strong, independent and hardworking mamas who believe in passionate and mindful parenting. These mamas don’t define themselves by societal conventions, but by their desire to pave their own way in order for their children to do the same.

Nicole interviews guests; including mom entrepreneurs, athletes, creative visionaries and ocean mamas, to name a few, who have maintained a semblance of their former lives while caring for their sweet babies.

Nicole’s vision is to build a community of women who can speak candidly about the ups and downs of motherhood and that can share stories in a safe space free of judgment. Podcast formats vary between interviews and solo episodes with the host, who shares her own personal stories of motherhood.

Listen to this podcast IF. . .


You’ve raised or are raising a child; for all backgrounds-traditional or non-traditional families. 

You have struggled with the ups and downs of parenthood and want to hear REAL stories from moms who don’t seek perfection

You want to live a passionate, aligned life AND be a great mom. 

You want to return to the things you once loved, so you can model joyful living to your kids

You know how hard it is to be a mom and try to do and be “everything” 

You are or have been exhausted and busy and lost site of self-care as a mom somewhere along the journey

You seek a life of joy

You want to work hard for what you truly believe in

You want your life’s work and parenting to be soulful 



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