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Episode Description:

From opening a yoga studio, Power of Your Om ,in one of the most expensive towns in California, to losing both her parents in two years and then embarking on motherhood, Adrienne Smith knows how to be courageous AND vulnerable. In this episode of the Soul Mammas Podcast, host Nicole De Leon interviews this super athlete and mom to a beautiful baby girl, Reese, born in Spring 2017.

Not only has Adrienne taken big leaps that have ultimately led to great rewards, but after having her baby she learned to remove an invisible shield of armor, carried with her throughout her life, and really allow herself to be vulnerable.

She encourages our mom listeners to follow their dreams and intuition, even when new motherhood is exhausting and sometimes disillusioning.  Sometimes our scariest decisions or biggest hurdles will lead us to our truest paths. Adrienne is a true testament to this.

Key Take-Aways:


5:15: How she still tries to apply that same confidence with life decisions, even now that she’s a tired new mommy. 

6:34: How she learned to NOT get to overwhelmed as a new mom by delegating! 

12:12: Adrienne believes it is important for mommies to get out, even for 30 mins and do something they love, so they can feel rejuvenated when returning home to their little ones. 

15:19: Adrienne has not been immune to feeling outside pressure as a mom, and how trusting your instincts is always the best choice. 

16:56: When we are feeling grounded, we make more decisions with confidence. 

18:46: How both of her parents passing away within two years has changed her life profoundly and allowed her to be more vulnerable. 

23:37: You can’t always please everyone and that is OKAY!

28:59: When you love what you do it doesn’t have to be pigeonholed as “work”


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