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Episode Description:

  • In this episode we talk to Anna Marie Stump, creator of the Santa Barbara Support Network and speaking agent for the Joy Agency, about her journey back to her self with FOUR little daughters. Anna speaks about how having four babies made self care and slowing down nearly impossible in the beginning.
  • After the Thomas Mudslide in January 2018,this empath decided she needed to do something when her town needed her the most, although her plate was already overflowing with “to do’s”. She ended up creating and organizing the support Network and helping hundreds get the aid they needed.
  • Anna believes, as moms it easy easy to burn the candle at both ends and model fatigue and “burnt-out-ness” so she intends to end that cycle for her girls. That is why she now takes time for herself, and allows herself the downtime she needs to re-fuel her energy. Now she models the importance of re-igniting and re-aligning as mommy to her girls, and shares the lessons she’s learned along the way with our Soul Mammas community.

Episode Take Aways: 

4:50: Being a “stay at home” mom can be challenging because recognition is not always immediate. In fact sometimes it takes years! 

6:48: How we define work in our society sometimes leaves moms feeling “less than”. Does “going” to work mean it’s more validating than staying home? 

7:44: Getting out and socializing with other mommies even when exhausted, can really make moms feel less alone. 

9:38: Anna reflects on negative self-talk and how it can be passed down through generations. She intends to change this cycle for her daughters. 

13:13: Anna talks about traversing into taking the time for self-care as a mom, and how important it has been on her path. 

14:52: How it’s sometimes hard to slow down in this fast paced society, particularly as moms.

21:27: Finding a calling within you whether it’s returning to something you are already passionate about or something new 

24:04: Saying “yes” to the universe when opportunities come your way, as long as you feel aligned with it. 

30:07: Anna shares advice from her own life for moms  who are looking to find their passion or to re-gain confidence 


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