How to Re-Discover your Purpose as Moms and Re-Energize for Good


In Person Meet Ups

Meet with other likeminded mamas in Downtown Santa Barbara.


6 month program launching October 31st

Change your life for good by discovering what it is that truly lights you up. Monthly coaching meetings, weekly email support, accountability private  FB Group. All from the comfort of your own home.   

Cost: $597

Group Mentorship Program

Mamas, are you feeling burnt out, overextended, a bit lost or stretched too thin?  Are you forgetting your purpose, your hobbies, your vitality and fire? This is super common as mamas who are giving everything to everyone else. This is why, based on requests from mamas who have wanted to connect with other likeminded mamas, I have started this longer, more intimate and all inclusive six month coaching program. 

Identifying and listening to our internal guide: what fills us up and what depletes us

Interactive workbook/journal that you print and follow along with during the sessions.

Identifying our stories or limiting beliefs about ourselves

Figuring out where are mental blocks are and literally changing our story.

Going around the circle and putting mamas on the "hot seat" to provide feedback for areas in their life that they need support with.

After 6 months you will have a personalized plan for success and know exactly where you want to turn your attention to manifesting in your life.

What can you expect to get out of these meetings?

  • Clarity about where the exact NEED for self care is in your life
  • Knowledge of what your goals/intentions are and holding yourself accountable for writing them down.
  • Recognition of what limiting beliefs you may be telling yourself
  • Accountability buddies (each soul mammas circle will have a private FB accountability group)
  • Access to myself and other mamas to support you in your journey.
  • Understanding that you as a mom DESERVE to take time to yourself for self care, above all else.

Free Resources

Soul Mammas Podcast

Real talk on passionate, mindful living as parents.

Free Self Care Guide

An interactive guide to bring real self care back into your life.

Living A Purpose-Filled Life

My article on Tiny Big Adventure on finding purpose as a mom.

Don’t wait any longer. You deserve this, mama!

Soul Mammas! Do you ever find yourself longing for more time or clarity to focus on your passions or
purpose? You are NOT alone. 

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