Soul Mammas | The Tribe 

The Soul Mammas Podcast is a platform for those of us who are seeking a community of mammas who speak candidly about motherhood and its joys and tribulations. Soul Mammas don’t define themselves by societal conventions or expectations. We are women who pursue passions with kids in tow, who aspire to wake up with enthusiasm, and who strive to be the women our children already believe we are.

This podcast stemmed from a vision to bring a voice to soulful mamas and parents, where we can celebrate living without preconceptions of what it is to be a parent. We will hear authentic stories from real women, many of whom overcame daunting obstacles or whose paths took unexpected, sometimes dizzying turns.  The recurring theme for these women is the inner strength they found to not only bear the unexpected downturn but to learn, grow and thrive from such events. It is here that we are without judgment, or generalizations-rather we support all types of moms in unearthing the deep lessons we have to offer the world and our little ones.

Are you a mom or parent that wants to maintain your same passions and pursuit of purpose even while raising babies? Are you looking for a community of other women who can talk candidly about mamma hood instead of projecting that “perfect mom” persona? 

My name is Nicole De Leon and after the birth of my baby girl last year, I was looking for these answers.  As well as a mama of a toddler, I have been a stepmom to two teenage boys for the past ten years. As soon as I birthed my baby girl last spring I started re-questioning my identity and purpose. Was I now, “just” a mom? Did staying at home with my baby mean I was no longer relevant? Did being domesticated mean I must give up all my power and independence? Was I a second-rate citizen compared to my partner who “goes” to work? Can I follow my passion and purpose without feeling guilty for leaving my kids in the process?

These were the questions I started asking myself after having my daughter, and I realized that all mamas must ask themselves these very same questions, even if we try and pretend  “everything is just peachy,” and try to go about carving a new path and answering these questions on our own. 

If we go about trying to be Super Moms for the whole world, just so we feel that others won’t judge us, we can never truly connect to the masses of women who feel the exact SAME way. Let’s face it, motherhood is tough. Motherhood can cause us to question our identities. Yet, motherhood is also extremely rewarding and can be incredibly fulfilling in ways we never even imagined.

Guess what? Being a mother doesn’t mean that we have to give up who we are, even if it sometimes feels that way. Our kids want us to thrive and model passionate lives to us. 

And on top of that-we already are super moms! Even if our two-year old is screaming at us or we’ve successfully made it to yoga only once this week. These are the reasons I created the Soul Mammas Podcast and community.

Soul Mammas are moms who don’t want to be labelled as one thing, but are ever- growing, passionate women who seek to share their greatest gifts with the world AND practice self care, all while being loving and hands on mamas. We don’t want to feel guilty for pursuing the business ventures, physical pursuits or personal hobbies we had before having babies. We aspire to lead by example for our children, and work hard for them in the careers, business and ventures we adore.