55: How to feel ENOUGH & stop trying to do EVERYTHING as mamas. With Maria Alcoke of the Engine Mom Podcast.



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Episode Description:



I’m super stoked for today’s guest. Why? Because she’s a fellow podcaster mama with a heart of gold who believes in living out her dreams with wee ones in tow. She also is a Cross Fit Level 1 trainer who not only inspires with her physical prowess but her ability to shift gears at the drop of a hat. Maria made the brave move to leave the  corporate world to pursue her own business right before the birth of her first child.

In fact, her show “The Engine Mom Podcast” is all about the gears we have to shift as busy, ambitious mamas. Her podcast appeals to all walks of mom-including at home moms, entrepreneur moms, and moms who work outside of the house. 

The podcast, launched in 2017, is a platform where she holds a space for Moms to share how they shift gears from their family, to their work, and the pursuit of their passions and how they make all of that work within the scheme of motherhood. Maria is multi faceted and multi talented, but also talks about motherhood realistically and with humility. She is the first to admit of the struggles that come along with being mama, including dealing with questioning our “enough”-ness and mom-guilt. Today she’s going to share with us Soul Mammas why she believes it is important to sometimes let go of the reigns and give ourselves a break






Why reframing her mindset to practice non-resistance when her body and life changed postpartum helped her two fold.

If you are passionate about something, it is worth the sacrifices you have to make to get there.

Maria is fired up about taking risks especially because it helps one realize what is and isn’t serving them in their life.

We had to really think about what kind of lifestyle do we want and what are we willing to sacrifice in order to make this happen.

Discussing the role intuition plays in finding our purpose as moms. After having her second baby, Maria realized she had to listen to that inner voice that was telling her to SLOW DOWN.

How sometimes we expect ourselves to be the “same” as we used to be pre-baby, when really we are forever changed (for the better!)


The importance of joining mom groups and reaching out to connect with other mamas.


Why sometimes we have to just learn to “put on the brakes” and stop before we burn out.



Memorable Quotes:


“I am very passionate about risk taking, but it’s not something for the faint of heart. You really have to plan very diligently and set specific goals and benchmarks for yourself.”  


“There’s just going to have to be different sacrifices along the way. That might be sacrifices of time, energy or spending more money in different areas of your life in order to make those, really important things work for you.


“Through the podcast I have gained so much insight from just hearing other women’s stories. Sharing their personal experiences as moms is so helpful because it allows me to remember that every single person’s journey is unique.”


“I think it’s very easy to, especially for women that are incredibly motivated and driven, to find the time to really pause and get present.” 


“Getting present with and understanding what it is that we need in the moment as moms and taking that time to pause, is of the utmost importance for us, I believe.”


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