62: Why you can pivot & change the trajectory of your life at any moment with Taja Collection founders and new mamas Annie and Annabelle.




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Episode Description:

Today’s guests and new mamas know about courage, the power of pivoting and how much we can learn from making BIG life shifts. Annabelle Torgman DeGrazio and Annie Jensen Chapur left their jobs as lawyers (something they had worked hard for, for a significant portion of their lives) and launched their own company called TAJA collection in 2017 out of a passion for thoughtful gifts, candles and creative design. These soul sisters/business partners met in Florida while working at the same law firm and now are experiencing entrepreneurship and new motherhood together. 

Their candles, diffusers, and vases, are all completely customizable keepsakes. are unique because they are completely customizable and work really well as thoughtful gifts. This means, you can engrave anything you can dream up on our products: a picture of your pet, your company’s logo, your dad’s signature, the lyrics to your favorite song, an inspirational quote—seriously anything! 

Today they are going to share about how being entrepreneurs and now mompreneurs is not easy and takes grit, but how the company, products and business ownership in general suit them so much better than their former careers. They are also going to talk about the power of listening to your inner voice, and how motherhood has changed them profoundly.





Annie reflects on how her and Anabelle came together somewhat synergistically in terms of being business partners.

Going to law school felt like the trusted/safe route for both ladies. They talk about how it wasn’t easy leaving their careers to become entrepreneurs.


The importance of having a strong support system at home and in the people we surround ourselves with.

How sometimes it’s best to keep big ideas under wraps, especially if surrounded by any naysayers.

Annie reflects on what makes Taja Collection so unique in terms of how they personalize their goodies as their customers desire.

How communication and self awareness has helped these two be successful as business partners.


Mom guilt and how real it is for ALL of us.

Social media can be very positive, but can also be triggering for some of us. These ladies discuss why it’s okay to unfollow accounts that aren’t making us feel good about ourselves.



Memorable Quotes:

“Now that I am a mom, If I’m going to spend my time meeting with a client, going to the office or engraving a candle, this time it has to really  be worth it.”


“One of the pleasant surprises  in our business, has been that I didn’t realize how much I would like and enjoy being a part of such thoughtful moments in people’s lives.”


“When faced with naysayers in life it took me so long to get to that point where I was like, oh wow, like this has nothing to do with me.” 


“We feel very fortunate to be able to kind of give people the perfect gift and sort of make it like a one stop shop.”


“It’s these touching moments that you get to share & be a part of and you see a different side of humanity that is not always present the media these days.”


“Mom guilt is really hard and, I don’t think that anyone has found a way to overcome it. So if you have any tools that are going to make it a little bit easier,  take advantage of them.”



Connect with Annie & Annabelle:


Instagram: @tajacolletion 

Website: https://www.tajacollection.com

Facebook: tajacollection



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