46: Quitting something BIG. Why scary life decisions help us grow-with former lawyer/podcast host Goli Kalkhoran.






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Episode Description:

Quitting something big in our lives, like a job, marriage, friendship, moving homes, etc. takes a lot of courage and acute listening to our own intuition. It can be scary, & disillusioning and we can face plenty of naysayers along the way. Today’s guest and mama of two, is a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur. That’s a fancy way of saying she quit law, did a lot of soul-searching, tried a bunch of things, and happened on an idea she turned into a business.

Goli Kalkhoran is also a podcast host! What I love about Goli is her transparency, her drive, her smarts and her humility even in light of many accolades. Goli’s podcast Lessons From A Quitter was born out of a desire to inspire others to follow their truth and live a life they LOVE.

Goli is also a friend who continues to inspire, and I can attest to her truly caring about helping others to believe in themselves. She also has an entrepreneurial spirit and started a side company, Usie Booth, which provides portable, affordable photo booths for events and businesses. 

Today’s she’s going to share with us soul mammas what it means to go into unchartered territory when quitting something BIG, why we are way too hard on ourselves as mamas, and how many have “made it” even after completely changing the direction of their lives




(05:26) How motherhood is a constant ebb and flow and why there is no such thing as balance. 

(07:54) Why there is no way to TRULY prepare for being a mom. You just have to do it and learn as you go.

(10:31) Goli shares her experience of realizing that law was actually NOT where she wanted to be. And this came after pursing it for and working hard at it for a large part of her life.

(12:22) Reflecting on a low point in her life where she felt lost and was scared to make a big life change, molly because she worried what others might think. 

(15:07Goli considers herself a feminist, and was disillusioned when she heard a fellow lawyer tell her “stay at home moms” didn’t deserve to be in law school. 

(21:52) How mothers tend to be scrutinized for choosing to stay home with their kids AND for choosing to go back to work.

(22:57) The importance of having a creative outlet as mamas. 

(40:53) How podcasting has really lit her up creatively and how her guests continue to inspire her.

(43:04Why Goli believes we should be allowed to follow that thing that piques our interest as mamas.


Memorable Quotes:


“I never questioned what I wanted outside of that or why I wanted to go to law. And then I found myself as a lawyer and it was drastically different than the thing that I had envisioned.”


“Leaving my child to go back to something that I wasn’t excited about (being a lawyer) was really difficult.”


“I think the point is that for feminism or anything is that, we have our own choices. I wouldn’t want women to be forced to stay at home, but I think if somebody is called to do that or that’s what makes sense for their family, then that should be their choice.”


It serves a purpose- caring what other people think. It helps socialize us to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. But we definitely take it way too far when we don’t live the way we want to because of what other people.”

“The more you can get grounded in yourself, the more that just helps you not care so much about what other people think and realize that you have this one life and it’s your own choice what you want to do with it.”


“So when it’s the time that I have away from my kids, I feel like I really am growing as a person and doing something that I feel so alive with. That really helps me when I am with my kids.”


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