Soul Mammas Podcast: Real Motherhood talk on mindful, passionate living as parents. 


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Episode Description: 

Named a “local hero” in 2017 in her hometown of Santa Barbara, and mother of six children, one with Down Syndrome, Teresa Kuskey Nowak truly embodies the life of a soul mama and parent. She also believes seeking perfection as parents will only leave us feeling defeated, and that speaking truthfully (real parent talk) about the ups AND downs will help us share more authentically in our journey.

This effervescent, former professional dancer leads a dance troupe of over 80 enthusiastic and passionate women and aims to inspire them to follow their true purpose and live mindful, passionate lives. Even the name of her troupe, “La Boheme” stands for people who march to the beat of their own drum, rather than fitting inside a box.

Raising a son with Down Syndrome, Teresa talks truthfully about how her “angel” Mikey , along with her other kids, were put in her life to help her fulfill her life’s purpose and be of service to others.

Episode Take Aways: 


2:13: As a mom, you cannot possibly do it “ALL” and that’s okay!!!

3:36: How she’s found more time to be a “Soul Mamma” over the years and why that is so important.

8:56: Teresa believes we all have something we are “meant”  to do and often we can function as an instrument to inspire others.

15:58: It took Teresa years to no longer feel guilty to practice self-care, and she feels this “mom-guilt” is common for new mommies.

17:00: The moment the doctors told her the scary medical diagnosis of her unborn child (her 3rd child) and how that profoundly changed her life.

23:02: How she learned to appreciate so much more when having a child with a disability

25:56: Through her experience she can now help other moms who have children with disabilities. This is why difficult situations are blessings as well.

34:15: About her wildly popular dance troupe “La Boheme”: and how it was created to spread joy to others- for free!

35:07: Teresa firmly believes in steering clear of the idea of perfection, particularly for moms. Being just as you are is ENOUGH.


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