44: Dealing with chronic illness as a mom. Author Lauren Ranalli discusses her postpartum diabetes diagnosis.




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Episode Description:

With a two little ones in tow, today’s guest never would have expected to receive a chronic health diagnosis. Author of “The Great Latke Cook Off” and other upcoming titles including “Mommies Get Tired”  Lauren Ranalli is going to speak to us soul mammas about how she was forced to slow down and make accommodations for her health all while working full time in the public health sector, being a professional writer and literacy advocate and mama of two. 

She feels passionately about making mamas who are dealing with any health issues feel “seen” and “heard” and is the first to admit that it is a challenge. She has used her passion for motherhood to propel her writing and has been inspired by her own family traditions and cultural experiences. 

Lauren is also going to talk about raising children in an “interfaith” marriage; a coupling which also inspired her first book. This mama believes devouring literature is important for children and her kids are certainly following suit. Lauren is down to earth and driven and hopes her story will help other mamas who are ambitious about living a life of their dreams, but also dealing with any kind of health struggle or crisis



[04:13] Lauren talks about her first experience with chronic illness, when she was diagnosed with Arthritis. 

[07:25] Lauren was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with her first and second child after feeling low energy for a long time. 

[11:26] When she continued to feel in poor health postpartum, she couldn’t believe it when her doctor told her she had type 2 diabetes. 

[13:32] What keeping her health in check looks like on a daily. 

[19:43] Even though she can’t do things she once could, Lauren believes exploring other avenues to express ones creative interest is a good way to redefine yourself.

[27:55] Lauren speaks about the cultural inspiration behind her book “The Great Latke Cook off” and how she couldn’t find a lot of Jewish stories for kids.

[35:43] When Lauren demonstrates taking time to herself in front of her kids, she feels like this really benefits everyone in her family.

[37:49] How her son emulates her by wanting his own notebook to write in and how we influence our children by our actions.



Memorable Quotes:

“Having a chronic illness creates an added level of it was hard that some that some people are just going to understand more than others.”

“From their perspective they take medication when they aren’t feeling well.  I tell my kids that I take medication to help me stay healthy.”

“There are going to be times in our lives (as moms) where, let’s face it, our babies sleep needs are going to outweigh, getting work accomplished.”

“It’s always been important for me to have an identity outside of being a mom.”

“I really, I think that children’s literature is a fantastic avenue for exploring other cultures, backgrounds, religions, and other practices.”

“Being a Soul Mamma could mean. . . giving some attention to that little side dream that just keeps reappearing over the years.”


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