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Modern family life demands a lot from us.  We, as moms, demand even more of ourselves and sometimes end up exhausted from the race to have it all and do it all for our families.  It’s so easy to lose our center,  joy and sense of self- awareness when we are always taking care of others.  The good news is that with a little help, we can get our glow back.  It’s important that us mammas take care of our inner world, so that the lives of our families can also thrive. Let’s model a passionate and aligned life to our kids, rather than one of stress and anxiety. Even when things are crazy, we can learn how to approach life from a place of centeredness to manifest our truest desires.

The Life Illuminated coaching program covers six different “rays” of strategic coaching strategies to help unlock your fullest potential and get you falling in love with your life again. If you have ever felt your truth or passions being stifled or have not known where to start on your own to connect with your true happiness, then you are in the right place. Seeking a life coach is a big step in the right direction to incite real change in your life.

Whether you choose 6 weeks of coaching, Single Session Coaching or a coaching re-boot, we will cover one or more “rays to success” to get you  living a clearer and more illuminated life. This is a personalized coaching program for mammas that we create together to target your specific needs. For example, if you feel like you are putting all your attention on your family but have no time for your own inner world, we will take the time you need to  “re-write” your life script together. This will ultimately propel you to living more intentionally rather than just waiting for things to change.

I know you are busy mamma, so whether you chose to coach with me for six weeks or for one session, we will tailor our sessions to your needs. Each step will move you closer to the life you know you are meant to live. Let’s start now! Let’s glow!

6 Week Coaching Package

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