As a surfer and traveller for almost three decades, at 35 I decided to embark on the biggest adventure of all-motherhood. While teaching art  to middle-schoolers in public school and continuing my writing career as a columnist for a local surf publication, pregnancy started brining on many challenges and learning lessons  RIGHT AWAY.

I quickly realized I couldn’t just paddle out anymore when the waves were firing, or jump on a plane last minute to the next remote surf destination. I began to experience the major identity shifts shared by new moms and all moms alike.  In addition, pursuing other physical and creative endeavors I was once “on fire” about was proving challenging.

This is when I realized there are so many shifts going on for us as mothers and parents, that staying aligned with our innermost passions isn’t always accessible or put as the highest priority.  Mothers who had once been able to follow their soulful callings-whether surfers, athletes, entrepreneurs, dancers or artists-were all experiencing these same challenges of motherhood!

So I decided there should be a platform for women to speak freely about the challenges and successes of soulful motherhood and this is why I began the Soul Mammas Podcast: Real motherhood talk on passionate, mindful living as parents.

The Soul Mammas Podcast is a weekly podcast where I interview women who aim to lead by example for their kids, and who feel that self care and stoking their inner fire is a MUST.

Episodes range from 30-45 minutes and they consist of inspiring interviews as well as my own stories and insights on motherhood.

Guests share about their journeys-which often involve major trials that led to huge learning opportunities. They talk about living out their dreams and listening to their inner guidance, even amidst dirty diapers and chronic sleep deprivation. They talk about facing their biggest fears head on.

Additionally, I’ll be sharing about sensitive subjects like postpartum anxiety, miscarriage, and birth stories that didn’t go as planned. This podcast dispels the misconception that there is such a thing as a “picture perfect” family life.


Thank you listening, subscribing and sharing the podcast with you mama friends!!  This has been a dream of mine since I was a little one myself, recording “radio shows’ in my parents music room with my pink cassette player.

Soul Mammas! Do you ever find yourself longing for more time or clarity to focus on your passions or
purpose? You are NOT alone. 

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