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Episode Description 


Today’s guest knows all about grit, perseverance and mental and physical training. Lauren Fendrick is a U.S. Olympian and world silver medalist in beach volleyball and also a new mommy to her beautiful daughter Willa. After taking a ten month break from beach volleyball, the longest in her 16 year career, during pregnancy and new motherhood, Lauren learned all about the many physical, mental and identity shifts that go along with the territory. 

She plans to return to competition as soon as possible, and admits that it takes time to get back into “the swing of things with a 7 monthly daughter. Lauren admits that motherhood has changed her in ever way, for the better and that as she gets back into competing she is excited to implement the lessons her pregnancy and new motherhood has taught her. 

Today Lauren is going to share about the misconception of just “bouncing back” after pregnancy,  and how we shouldn’t rush back into things if we aren’t ready. She also shares about some taboo and challenging things ALL moms, including athlete moms deal with in motherhood like breastfeeding in public, if we should cover up, moms insecurities, etc.

She also is going to share her unique perspective on how the paradigm is shifting for female athletes in 2020 and how her sponsors have handled her maternity leave and supported her unconditional through her pregnancy and return to competition. Lauren is an inspiration to mamas, athletes and volleyball players around the world and its a super honor to have her here today




Today she shares about:

  • Why we shouldn’t expect to return to our ‘old selves’ after becoming moms
  • Why bouncing back is actually a misconception and can damage our confidence as moms
  • Her experience with wanting to control and learning to let go in motherhood
  • What she attributes to the success of her and her husband/coach’s relationship.
  • What Will has taught her already
  • Returning to training and some of the challenges (physical and mental)
  • Planning her return to competition with a breastfeeding baby in tow
  • How she’s changed forever
  • Letting go of naysayers before and after becoming a mom when in the spotlight as an olympic athlete
  • The power of listening to your own truth and giving yourself grace and patience
  • How all types of mothers need to
  • remember the are ENOUGH

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