60: What being a strong mom really means-with Ninja Warrior extraordinaire Rose Wetzel





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Episode Description:


Rose Wetzel, a mom and Ninja Warrior

Today’s mom Rose Wetzel is not only a Spartan, cliff bar & pure power-sponsored professional athlete, she is also a Ninja Warrior! What is a ninja warrior? Check out her show on NBC to see! This sport involves such physical prowess and courage, you almost can’t take your eyes off of the athletes involved. And it’s easy to forget she’s a new mama! 

Rose is a mom of toddler is a downright incredible athlete who has built businesses around personal training and fitness. She wholeheartedly believes in empowering women. Especially when they feel the most vulnerable-like pregnancy and postpartum. Why? Because she found herself in some vulnerable situations postpartum that included a health scare where her placenta had to be surgically removed and struggles with postpartum depression. 

As a personal trainer of many years as well an obstacle course racer-she also founded the of the Stack-It! fitness method. This particular method of training is an 180 degree shift from traditional ole’ fitness AND it incorporates baths, rest and restoration- something she began to value postpartum, particularly when she didn’t feel her body was “bouncing back” the way that society tends to pressure mommies to do. She realized how vital self care was and began to focus on helping women feel fit, sustainably energetic, and vital as mamas of any stage. 

Rose is fired up about using her platform as an athlete to inform others about health and fitness, and empowers others to aim for their very best in life. She leads by example with her energy, humility, and optimism. She loves being a role model for children, by showing them how to be strong and confident in our society.

Today she is going to share about the significant physical and mental shifts that go along with motherhood, why self care is so important in her life, how she has changed as a mother, and how she manages to be a professional ninja warrior while being a hands on mama.



Rose Wetzel, a mom and a Spartan

Why motherhood is something no one can really “prepare for”.

Rose speaks about how she has always been used to accolades from her athleticism and speed as a runner, and how we don’t get that kind of reinforcement right away as mamas. It’s an adjustment!

When you are a paid athlete, it adds additional pressure to DO and BE everything you once we’re. For Rose, she had to take it easy in the beginning when getting back to training because of a postpartum health complication.

Rose discusses how the paradigm is shifting for some large companies in terms of how they support new moms and pregnant athletes. She also talks about how some companies honor mothers better than others.

Why rushing into our former physical shape and “former selves” pre baby, isn’t always the best plan for wellness.

Why an element of sacrifice as mommies is essential, but sacrificing ALL of ourselves is detrimental. Here she discusses the extreme value of self care.

Rose speaks about her Stack It method for fitness and SELF CARE and why it’s so important to have both.

Memorable Quotes:

Rose Wetzel on what being a strong mom really means


“Please don’t beat yourself up. It is hard. It’s hard to find the energy. It’s hard to go exercise when everything feels different postpartum.”

“Movement and exercise is just a great way to have a  physically, mentally and emotionally healthy life. So having my daughter see me exercise is great just across the board.”

“Be kind to yourself in the way that you would be kind to me or to a friend.”

“Of course there’s going to be sacrifices as mothers, but I really feel like we need to put more emphasis on self care because otherwise we run ourselves ragged, running around everywhere.”

“Self care doesn’t have to be grandiose thing. Start small and celebrate small victories.”

Connect with Rose:

Instagram: @runningrosie

Website: https://rosewetzel.com

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